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Flow like Spider-Man (Protection) 0 0 0 1.0
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Moby · 4536

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New Card Updates:

+1 Plan B, +1 Ingenuity

-1 Quincarrier, -1 Clea

One issue common to Protection builds is drawing into a dead hand full of defense events you don't need - but Machine Man, Lockjaw, and Plan B are great resource sinks that guarantee you never have a dead hand.


This deck requires some setup in the form of many 1-cost upgrades, but once he is fully set up, ̶B̶u̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶M̶a̶g̶u̶i̶r̶e̶ I mean Spiderman will be dancing (or Flowing like Water) around the villain and laughing as the villain fails to hit him.

  • Unflappable is a key card in this deck and it can be worth pitching your entire hand to find it turn 1.

  • Hard to Ignore can to wonders for keeping the main scheme under control, especially when you have all 3 down.

  • Electrostatic Armor and Flow Like Water provide a steady source of damage during the villains turn. Spiderman will be doing 2-4 damage per villain phase with his many 0-cost defense events, and is easily able to defend for other heroes.


  • Defiance is a strong 0 cost card that can guarantee a full block against 3/4 attack villains, getting off Unflappable and Flow Like Water triggers.

  • Expert Defense is a pet card I have come to love. I like it because it is also 0 cost and +3 defense means you will be defending for 6 or 7, which is enough to full block all but the strongest villain attacks while triggering Flow Like Water. But you could swap it out for another defense card if you prefer.

  • Desperate Defense is great for letting you defend for other heroes. Unfortunately defending for another hero does not trigger Spidermans spider-sense ability, so this could be swapped with Never Back Down as well.


  • Lockjaw and Machine Man are perfect for this deck, because they allow you to trade your dead defense event cards during the player phase. Draw into a hand full of defense events you can't use? Pitch them to bring in Lockjaw or make a huge attack/thwart with Machine Man.

  • Jocasta can grab a Backflip, one of Spidermans strongest cards. Or Desperate Defense to let you defend for a friend.

  • Black Widow and Clea are protection staples, but you can swap them out if you want.


Feb 07, 2022 InigoMontoya · 4194

Awesome! I love all these Protection decks coming out. Flow Like Water really ads to the standard Unflappable deck.

Feb 07, 2022 Moby · 4536

Its my favorite aspect so I'm happy its getting more options!

Feb 07, 2022 JRise33 · 6157

Great deck @Moby - this thing looks like a beast once it's fully setup. Love the use of Lockjaw and machine man to dump cards. Huge value with Jacosta getting that extra back flip in play. Nice job!

I think the only changes I would make for myself when playing is swapping out Black Widow and an expert defense for Endurance and Dauntless to really power up the retaliate. Feel like it would help with minion control too so Black Cat could clear up the final hp on 3 hp minions.

Feb 07, 2022 Moby · 4536

@JRise33 Thanks! Endurance and Dauntless are definitely viable options. I have a few other decks that also use them (I call it the 'porcupine' protection build). Although I would think twice about swapping Black Widow, she can be a lifesaver in stopping a Shadows of the Past or similar nasty encounter card!

Feb 07, 2022 Charles · 533

Tried it against Crossbones Expert. What an huge sensation of control man … Crossbones never go on stage 2 of the manigance, and it was so satisfying … Spidey is clearly one of the best with new protection cards !!

Great job anyway !!

Feb 08, 2022 ManNtheArena · 16

Nice deck! What about adding a sidearm? I find it hard to create a Spiderman deck without giving Black Cat a sidearm.

Feb 08, 2022 Heimwarts · 1

I made a similar deck with captain america. I had a nerves of steel and night nurse but since seeing your deck I will definitely use lockjaw and machine man! Didn’t think about that! For the defense event option, I use sidestep. The only downside is that it is a 1 cost card but has the potential to do a damage and can’t be used against a second attack even if you are exausted. I also use dauntless and endurance instead of black widow and Clea^^.

Feb 18, 2022 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 3038

Ran this a bunch of times in 3 player Multi. I added The Night Nurse, dropped Clea for Spider-Man and added 3 Bait and Switch. The ability to remove 4 threat, and kick in your shenanigans on your terms is a lot of fun. I love this deck so much. Such a joy to play. It's my new favorite deck by a long shot. Thank you for posting this!

Feb 20, 2022 Carquinyoli · 216

Wonderful!! I defeated Expert Rino with Std II, Expert Mutagen Formula, both quite easily. However, Expert Klaw is very very tough due to the initial side schemes. I lost the first one quite quick, and won the second one but took me almost 2 hours (true-solo). Which changes would you suggest for scenarios with side schemes and tough minions? I found hard to deal with the masters of evil, with the tough guards and with the side schemes all together.

Feb 20, 2022 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 3038

Where you playing Std2/Exp2 with Klaw?

Feb 20, 2022 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 3038

So I ran a couple games against Std1/Exp1 Klaw. My version has 3 Bait and Switch and The Night Nurse. I honestly think there's nothing you can add. Klaw on Expert with Std2/Exp2 is like a watered down version of Ronin, he starts the game as if he's mid-game, while you're starting at the beginning, with a very setup heavy deck. I made a homebrew custom card based on some house rules someone came up with for Ronin to make it an enjoyable match. Care is called Monologuing, Environment/Perm/Setup, place X counters on Monologuing where X equals the mode of play, 1 - Standard, 2 - Expert or Heroic, 3 - Expert+Heroic, at start of villain's turn, after threat is added, end villain's turn and remove a counter. It's an optional rule, but for certain villain/setups it makes something unwinnable into something challenging but beatable. I'd love to see what @Moby comes back with tho, since he's the creator. :) That said, this is still one of my favorite decks of all time, and I love playing it in multiplayer!

Feb 21, 2022 Carquinyoli · 216

@M3t4lB0x (TLM) I played Klaw Std1/Exp1. The problem was removing the side schemes with acceleration and crisis. Once removed, Hard to Ignore worked wonders. That's why I don't see Bait and Switch doing the job I want to do: something to remove threat from side schemes. Maybe I should include Starhawk, but he's not fast enough.

Feb 22, 2022 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 3038

@Carquinyoli, I get that. Let me explain, I didn't add Bait and Switch to handle this scenario, I just have it in this deck. I don't like changing cards around to meet specific scenarios, I like to build well rounded decks and just run them. Most of my games are 2-3 player multi. That said, I do like Bait and Switch because it triggers the damage upgrades, helps remove threat off the main and draws a card, all on my terms. It's very helpful in those big multi games. As for adding cards specific to Klaw, I think the only thing Protection offers that could help is Brother Voodoo, but you're right, unless you find him opening hand, that initial 2 side schemes is just going to wreck you. Funny thing is, once you knock those side schemes out, Klaw is a pushover for this deck.

Feb 24, 2022 Carquinyoli · 216

@M3t4lB0x (TLM) I see, for the deck and other scenarios Bait and Switch may probably work fine, with all his triggering effects, good point! I'll try using that, thanks!. However, me too I also like all-round decks, and that's why Expert Klaw is a good tester, because of the rough start with the 2 initial side-schemes (with crisis and acceleration) and the minion (that could be a Master of Evil).

Feb 28, 2022 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 3038

@Carquinyoli, have you any more luck against Klaw?

Feb 28, 2022 Carquinyoli · 216

@M3t4lB0x (TLM) not yet. However I started Red Skull campaign (expert/expert) and defeated Crossbones at the second attempt, absorbing man, taskmaster and Zola at the first try, finishing almost full health every scenario. I didn't have time for red skull. Note that I spent plenty more time with taskmaster to save 3 captive allies, so far so good!

Mar 08, 2022 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 3038

@Carquinyoli Nice! I'm using him through Mad Titan Campaign in 2 player Multi with my friend playing Vision Aggro and it's going well. It's dawning on me just how lacking Protection is in any kind of Threat mitigation. Even Aggression has better thwart cards, at least most of those target any scheme, not just the main. Let me know how Red Skull goes! I can't wait for Sinister Motives to come out, should be some nice additions!

Mar 09, 2022 Carquinyoli · 216

@M3t4lB0x (TLM), I played 3 time against Red Skull and won 2 times. I picked the +1THW upgrade and rescued 2 allies against Taskmaster and that was enough to keep side schemes under control so yeah! the deck worked fine ;)

Mar 11, 2022 Carquinyoli · 216

Expert Klaw with Masters of Evil defeated twice! For this and for the Expert Red Skull campaing I used the deck posted here replacing Black Widow and the 3x Expert Defense (that I barely use) by 2x Side Step + Sidearm for Black Cat + 2x Hard Knocks to provide more punch and get tough. Works wonders!

I've also found myself barely playing Lockjaw, so I'm considering getting Black Widow back to deal with annoying Encounters. The problem to that is that I would have 2 ally slots permanently occupied (Black Widow and Black Cat) by two allies that will only thwart once... hmmm

May 05, 2022 pheips · 45

@Moby Thanks for that deck! It really grew on me the last couple weeks. It's the most fun I had so far with a Protection Deck. It struggles with minion heavy encounter decks and side schemes, but it's manageable. On the other hand it can feel completely overpowered against the right villain. I had a particular great experience against Venom. I added Plan B and Brother Vodoo, but other than that I used the exact same deck as posted here.

Venom didn't have a chance. I used a Swinging Web Kick to switch the clock tower and from there on rarely took any damage, while the Electrostatic armor and Flow like water dealt 4 damage, everytime I defended. Best thing was, that they never trigger the forced response of adding a boost card, because they are not attacks. Same for Plan B. I used it a couple of times, but I don't think it was necessary. I basically just sat there, defending and watched Venom slowly dying... :)

Oct 12, 2022 magret 2 canard · 1

beat thanos expert with your deck, go one time in alter ergo, thanks for deck