Costo: 2.
Punti Ferita: 2.
Attack: 1. Thwart: 1.

Interruzione: Quando Clea รจ sconfitta, rimescolala nel mazzo del suo proprietario.

"Vengo da quella che chiamate Dimensione Oscura. Non mi spavento facilmente."
Doctor Strange #13.

The classic chump blocker of protection.

On average, you will draw her turn 3, which leaves 19 cards in your deck. or another 3 turns. If you make sure to chump block with her, you will draw her another time or two before cycling your deck. As such, I like to see her as 2 to 3 allies for 1 slot. For many heroes like Groot that needs some form of block, she becomes very valuable. She also has the hidden quality of not going into the collection of the Collector I, being a literal cheat code to this difficult scenario.

One problem she has is that she doesn't have good traits or ways to discount her, she would almost be anti-synergic with Adam Warlock, and inconsequential in Strange, Scarlet Witch or Magik decks. Team-Building Exercise is therefore not effective. She can also not come online before the end of your deck, so she also needs to be backed up other chump blockers such as Starhawk or Honey Badger to beat the odds of not having her online before the end of the deck. You may end up not playing her when you draw her and loosing her recursive power.

batman · 20
The reshuffle ability would only be useful if Clea was a strong enough card that you'd want to draw her multiple times. Starhawk, Cosmo, Machine Man, Daredevil, and Ironheart all have extra value for the same cost, and I would play those first. The Collector tech is sweet though, hadn't thought about that — Stretch22 · 542