Rocket R. - Hard knocks & tough guys! -Video included-

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rstorcdk · 4732

Hello I'm Rstorc, 1/3 of the team "DadsGaminDK" and welcome to another deck.

Thank you all for watching my previous video and the incredible amount of feedback you guys gave me. The Marvel Champions community truly is awesome!!

This time our favorite Racoon takes advantage of protection cards that scale incredibly well with him.

Watch the video:


-You want to mulligan for upgrades, but also some way of taking that first hit. Your Particle Cannon is amazing but not always on turn 1.

The syngergy

  • You can time your finishing blows with Hard Knocks by wearing minions down with your pistol.

  • You can also let Martyr get the killing blow to give her a tough status card.

  • Also be sure to time your Hero power right. Deal excess damage first -> get the card draw to increase your options.

  • Thruster Boots, I've Got a Plan and Ever Vigilant is more than enough for your thwarting.

  • You can use you Salvage and your alter ego with Energy Barrier


  • Finishing off minions is going to be vital for the succes of this deck, so in a multiplayer setting be sure to time this with your team.

  • Going alter ego and starting your turn by discarding an expended Battery Pack to get a hand of 8 cards is incredible. You can also discard Energy Barrier with 1 charge counter left.

  • Remember to check for lethal. Rocket can do an immense amount of damage if you time it right.


That's right. It makes Rocket able to play some really expensive cards.

  • You have Knowhere, but are running a few non guardian allies. Why is that?

The guardian allies are decent, but really not that good. Iron Fist is just too good to pass up and Nick Fury has so much utility.

  • How would this deck fare against villains with few minions?

Probably not as good. Cards like Martyr and Hard Knocks definitely lose their value if you can't finish off minions. But Rocket IS a minion killer, so this is a weakness that every minion killer has.

Go watch the video ;)

-How would this deck fare in a multiplayer group?

Really good unless you've got another minion killer on your team who relies on last hitting them. If there is a Groot on my team I would replace that ally with another Guardian.


Feb 04, 2022 Asterixx · 1

Protection is my favorite aspect ! You should make more protection decks!

Feb 04, 2022 rstorcdk · 4732

@AsterixxIt really is a great aspect though I think the devs could still do better with protection. We need restricted prot weapons :)

Feb 04, 2022 DaveL · 1

The damage you deal in the end is insane. well played

Feb 04, 2022 rstorcdk · 4732

@DaveL Thank you. It took me a while to get this deck right. The burst is all Rocket.

Feb 04, 2022 DaveL · 1

@rstorcdkhaha I noticed that you added charge counters to the weapon instead of removing them when you killed him xD it didn't matter tho since youbhad so many

Feb 04, 2022 Marctimmins89 · 270

I came here expecting to see Shake it Off used. Did you playtest with it at all? I haven't tried it in any of my decks yet.

Feb 04, 2022 wehehe · 130

I have a similar deck: but I was playing with not many allies. I really like your approach. Contrary on what it looks like at first glimpse, I think that Rocket Raccoon works very well with Protection. Ever Vigilant + Thruster Boots + I've Got a Plan are amazing to counter the most common problem in protection decks: Lack of Thwarting.

Have you considered a few copies of Med Team?, or Shake it Off? I think they can be great in this deck, as you have some expensive allies (mainly Charlie-27 and Martyr which can benefit from being healed to stay longer in game.

Feb 04, 2022 rstorcdk · 4732

@Marctimmins89 Funny you should mention it, that was initially my plan and I started out with 3 copies of it, but I never had it when I needed it, so all 3 copies got replaced as the deck evolved :)

Feb 04, 2022 rstorcdk · 4732

@wehehe like I wrote above I actually did. The problem is that it requires minions to deal the damage and I usually kill them off before they can damage allies like Groot and charlie. And the villian usually straight up kills every ally except Groot so I was never avle to play Shake it Off. Med Team could be a possible replacement for The Night Nurse since Ever Vigilant can ready you anyway :)

Feb 04, 2022 journeyman2 · 20144

Not sure if Battery Pack works on Energy Barrier. BP is “charge” counters and EB is “reflection” counters

Feb 04, 2022 Ultrondevice · 1

I always hated that raccoon for being so squishy but you found several ways to avoid that. Good job.

Feb 04, 2022 rstorcdk · 4732

@journeyman2 I honestly never noticed that they were 2 different counters. I should correct it though I honestly haven't used battery pack on them anyway. They do still scale with Salvage and his alter ego ability :) Still, thank you for pointing it out.

Feb 04, 2022 Marctimmins89 · 270

@rstorcdk I was thinking to use Shake it Off on Rocket so he got Tough and was able to soak some of the bigger attacks when the time is right.

Feb 05, 2022 Saan · 3538

Energy Barrier makes me a little sad, since to use Rocket's AE ability on it you need to waste a counter (since cards with Uses self-discard once used up), but it's always nice to shove some more tech upgrades into the little bugger.

Feb 05, 2022 rstorcdk · 4732

@Marctimmins89 You could try and let me know if you can make it work :) It didn't really work for me though.

Feb 05, 2022 rstorcdk · 4732

@Saan That's true, but the huge turns you can get by discarding the upgrade are a difference maker :)

Feb 06, 2022 Dansome · 1

I've played this deck ~4 times. It is amazing and I love it. I would say it is one of my favorite decks of all time; I can thwart, tank, and do massive damage. Very versatile in the 2-handed games I played.

I did swap out the all the 4 cost Guardian allies for Multiple Man; I know I lose some of the Knowhere bonus for this, but I also thin my deck and get 3 EZ chump blockers. I am still debating if Knowhere is worth it or what to replace it with (booster boots?).

Love this deck so much.

Feb 07, 2022 rstorcdk · 4732

Wauw thanks a lot :) So good to hear people enjoy the deck and tinker their own ideas into it.

Well if you're going non-guardian then you could replace Knowhere with something better than Booster Boots . I've really tried working them into some of my decks, but I never get play them because they are never a priority. I would probaly run a stronger card like Avengers Mansion . Rocket can afford to pay for expensive cards. Make full use of it :)

Feb 11, 2022 less_than_vince · 1

Tried it today, really fun.

Feb 11, 2022 rstorcdk · 4732

I appreciate all the comments and feedback. If anyone want to see a particular hero/aspect combo, then feel free to write it here :)

Feb 11, 2022 Teowym · 1

@rstorcdk since you made rocket and ant man how about wasp and/or groot next?

Feb 12, 2022 rstorcdk · 4732

@Teowym Noted! I'll start working on those 2

Jun 23, 2022 HitmanHart · 1

This deck is underappreciated! By far one of the best decks I've ever played!

Jun 23, 2022 rstorcdk · 4732

@HitmanHartThanks Hitman. I won't be thrown in the sharpshooter then? ;)