Costo: 1.

Team-Up (Groot e Rocket Raccoon).

Massimo 1 per mazzo.

Azione Eroe: Colloca 2 gettoni crescita su Groot (fino ad un massimo di 10) e ripristinalo, oppure colloca 2 gettoni carica su una miglioria del set Rocket Raccoon e ripristinala.

I più Ricercati della Galassia #20.
Flora e Fauna

Putting extra charge counters on a Rocket Launcher or Particle Cannon is a BIG DEAL. A 1-cost card that represents 8 damage? Sign me up. Of course, you'll use it on Groot if you have to Groot, but it doesn't do quite as much there.

Consider this an auto-include if you've got Rocket and Groot as heroes at the same table, and you probably play it with one hero solo and the other as an ally too. This is a fun twist on the Team-Up cards we've seen before that it has a more hero-specific effect, and having options is always great.

Stretch22 · 557
I would probably play it in a Rocket deck with the Groot ally because 8 damage is a big upside and the Groot ally can stay on the board for a long time. I doubt I would bother with it in a Groot deck with a Rocket ally. — OrionJA · 8

Does using this card require both Rocket and Groot to be in hero form, or just the one playing it? I know the other team-up cards refer to the specific hero names on them, but both Rocket and Groot have the same hero and alter ego names

PanicMoon · 1