Capitan Marvel
Carol Danvers


Aereo. Avenger.

Costo: 5.
Punti Ferita: 4.
Attack: 3. Thwart: 2.

Risposta: Dopo che Capitan Marvel è entrata in gioco, scarta 4 carte dalla cima del tuo mazzo. Se una stampata è stata scartata in questo modo, infliggi 3 danni a un nemico. Se 2 o più stampate sono state scartate in questo modo, stordisci inoltre quel nemico.

War Machine #13.
Capitan Marvel

The cost of this card should be 5 rather than 3.

(200 characters limit) The cost of this card should be 5 rather than 3. The cost of this card should be 5 rather than 3. The cost of this card should be 5 rather than 3. The cost of this card should be 5 rather than 3. The cost of this card should be 5 rather than 3. The cost of this card should be 5 rather than 3.

+1 — RabidHobbit · 11
I’m confused. The cost is 5 — MasterKitFisto · 1

At first glance I would say that Captain Marvel has something wrong with the design. She either costs too much (by 1) or should only have one consequential damage on her ATK. Her being worthwhile hinges on getting both effects from her Response ability, which to me is bad design: don't establish card cost based on the maximum value that a card brings when that effectiveness is based on randomness or requiring a specific build.

To put it into perspective: the Captain America ally costs 6, but asume you are an Avenger yourself, lowering his cost to 5. If he activates every turn, he can deal 10 damage or 10 thwart. His Toughness offers terrific flexibility, allowing him to block for you instead.

Carol offers either 6 damage (with a possible kicker of 3 damage) or 8 thwart, plus a stun if you hit the second resource. Leadership doesn't usually want to discard, as you might be discarding Unique allies or key attachments. Focusing on energy-resource type cards limits what you can build wth as well.

She's obviously designed for inclusion with the Sneak Attack Leadership archetype (as she was included with War Machine's deck that just so happens to include the relevant events), but I'm having a hard time justifying her in normal builds. Including ANY 5-cost card is questionable, as you generally can't play them in Hero form without support, and even then it's usually your entire turn.

My rating is a C : potentially effective in niche builds.

Judicator82 · 122
With the huge cost and powerful Enters Play effect, she does indeed seem good for a Sneak Attack deck, but few of the other cards for that archetype have Energy resources, so there's a good chance you'll whiff on the effect. — Fry · 235
With the new Domino hero, I've been using her. I think she's been pretty good, not only because you can play her with 2 cards and get the Jackpot card back, but she also discards for potential Digging Deep procs and White Fox. And if you're real adventurous, you can build around her with call for aid to play her even easier. It's been pretty fun. — tsunamic84 · 1

Carol here is arguably one of the strongest Ally cards in the game, but she comes with some serious costs, from her price tag to the consequential damage to her when she attacks. She falls under what I call a "hand drop" Ally, basically an Ally that is going to be all you play that turn. However, considering she is an Avenger you are likely going to use her in another Avenger deck, making it a bit more easy to put in decks running Quincarrier or Team-Building Exercise to get her out.

Of course, there's an easier way to handle this. Use an effect that gets her into play for free. Two good examples of this are Summoning Spell and Call For Backup. Note that Carol does not need to be played from hand to get her Response so it still works from both of these card effects! In True Solo, that's a 5 Cost Ally in play for a 3 Thwart action!

Now you got an Avenger with Aerial in play! HIGHER, FURTHER, FASTER!

Soulfire · 31