Costo: 2.

Gioca solo se la tua identità possiede il tratto Avenger.

Azione Eroe (intervento): Rimuovi 2 minacce dalla trama principale. Rimuovi X minacce aggiuntive dalla trama principale (fino ad un massimo di 3), dove X è pari al numero di stadio del criminale.

Wasp #31.
Interferenze ricorrenti

Well. In the series of Avengers-only "do X more equal to the Villain's stage number", this is probably the strongest, soley by the virtue of THW costing more than ATK.

Still....sigh. Enough cards have come out that I just can't recommend this card. Let's look at the alternatives at around the same cost:

Clear the Area - Removes only two threat, but usually pretty easy to maneuver into drawing the extra card.

Crisis Averted - Costs one more, but always removes six. The mental requirement is rarely required, as Crisis icons are not particularly common.

For Justice! - the basic, core threat removal card against which all other Justice cards are measured. The mental requirement just isn't hard to fulfill, and Sense of Justice exists.

Impede - removes three threat, but refunds itself if played as the first card

Lay Down the Law - Only really works for Heroes with additional forms or that flip about every turn, but a fantastic value for the restriction.

The Avengers requirement isn't too difficult (2/3rds of all the Heroes are Avengers at this point). The amount of threat removed is nothing to write home about, only being above efficiency when facing an Expert Villain on Stage III. What really kills it is the restriction to the Main Scheme.

There are too many good thwarting cards in Justice a this point to bother including this card.

I rate this card a D: Only consider for inlcusion if you have nothing else, or you are making some kind of themed Avengers deck.

Judicator82 · 89
Might be the best thwarting event for Justice Hulk due to the physical resource, which is pretty grim. Maybe some day the card pool will expand to where he has enough other thwarting events with physical resources, but for now it's this and Multitasking. — Fry · 159