Costo: 2.

Azione Eroe (attacco): Infliggi 3 danni a un nemico ed esaurisci un qualsiasi numero di personaggi Avenger che controlli. Infliggi 1 danno aggiuntivo a quel nemico per ogni personaggio esaurito in questo modo.

Wasp #32.
Tutti per Uno

This one doesn't really give you great value damage-wise, as 1 damage per character is basically the minimum expected (there are currently only two Avenger allies with ATK of 0, Power Man and Victor Mancha). The value in this card lies in saving your allies from getting consequential and retaliate damage. It's not a whole lot of value and I don't think I've ever seen this card being core of any deck. Could be useful in retaliate-heavy scenarios.

Alatreon · 95