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josseroo · 677

Not exactly a new idea, but Mockingbird recursion gets a nice boost from Effective Leadership and R&D Facility when you're able to get 2-3 activations per turn out of Mockingbird.

The deck is quite expensive to build out so you need some teammates that can hold things down in the early game while you use your early resources to prioritize getting the resource generators to help pay for Mockingbird out, and then the infrastructure for getting her boosted and for multiple activations.

It's hard not to include Superpower Training in a Hawkeye deck for his Quiver, but the whole shooting arrows thing is more of a nice to have than a must have in this deck. However, feel free to swap out a The Power of Leadership for Superpower Training if you want to prioritize the quiver.

Don't be fooled into playing the Mockingbird recursion game too early. Pulling her back to hand and replaying her costs five effective resources, so if you start trying to recur her before you have any resource generators, you'll be stuck spending your whole hand every turn on just that task. Let her go to the discard if you need and catch her on the second pass or pull her in from wherever with Call for Backup. If you call her in with an early Call for Backup, it's probably worthwhile to just let her sit on the board while you build up a bit more of your infrastructure before calling her back to hand.