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timtam · 1

this is an experimental deck i built to play with my brother against expert taskmaster. my brother was playing psylock and we managed to keep taskmaster confused and stunned the entire time. in the deck you also get buffs for dishing out the confuse status cards via Float Like a Butterfly. as it is this deck is amazing for villains who dont use minions that much in solo and two player games.


Apr 03, 2024 Sluggie · 4

Why have 3x Float Like a Butterfly & only 2x Skilled Investigator?

With multiple WW allies (AND WW main), where is Web of Life and Destiny?

If you plan on playing MPer, then why not Build Support? You have a Helicarrier plus some other goodies and (imo) the missing Web of Life and Destiny.

I think I'd prefer Otto over Spider-Woman. He'll often come IN with a draw and ready-up a Web-Shooter for quicker use (they are 2ER for 3 prod, so use asap to get them cycling for profit more). At starting 1 cheaper than Spider-Woman, she is unlikely to be better value. He can straighten any of your upgrades in case you thinking of using Skilled Investigator twice as an option. He'd pair well with Sonic Rifle's if you want more options that confuse and/or damage - note they are non-attack damage for that option.

Apr 03, 2024 timtam · 1

that is actually a genuis idea but my card collection is limited. thats why it probably a good idea to apply those changes.