Costo: 2.

Gioca sotto il controllo di un qualsiasi giocatore. Massimo 1 per giocatore.

Interruzione: Quando un personaggio che controlli attacca un nemico confuso, aumenta di 1 l'ammontare dei danni inflitti da quell'attacco a quel nemico.

Eduardo Mello
Psylocke #17.
Vola Come una Farfalla

The wording is the same as Warrior Skill. So would this cause attacks with multiple instances to have each instance increased? Something like Melee can only target the enemy once (so 4 damage to a confused enemy and 3 damage to another). Buy Gambit's Royal Flush could hit the same enemy three times ans each instance would get plus one, right?

I think this card has a lot of value in multiplayer where one player can confuse and then other players can just pile on the damage. In solo, you can get more out of it by staying in hero mode.

Scotobot · 144
Yes, that is correct. Each instance increased by 1. And be careful in multiplayer - this can only increase the damage from the player who controls it — Stretch22 · 522