She-Hulk Does Yoga

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Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11668

She-Hulk Does Yoga

At first, She-Hulk had trouble controlling her anger and she wasn't the strongest Avenger. In fact, a lot of people (including myself) thought she was the weakest hero in the core set of Marvel Champions. After a lot of yoga and meditating, Jennifer Walters has mastered the balance between her hero form and alter-ego and became such a strong leader for the Avengers that she even took down Venom Goblin on expert mode. This deck revolves around Meditation to give Jennifer Walters the setup and economy she needs to unleash her full potential.

Expert Venom Goblin Playthrough:


She-Hulk was introduced to be a flipping hero and has advantages changing form through her hero ability "Do You Even Lift?" and Split Personality. Unfortunately, flipping usually accumulates a lot of threat, and it can be difficult to manage that threat and recover with She-Hulk because her thwart cards/ability are low. Unlike heroes like Peter Parker Spider-Man, she doesn't have the economy to get out Beat Cops early game which only remove 1 threat per turn, so we aren't pairing her with the justice aspect. I chose leadership for She-Hulk primarily to take advantage of the Mighty Avengers, which increase the thw/atk of each Avenger ally by 1. She-Hulk's signature ally, Hellcat will have 3 thw with this. Getting this setup will lead to big thwarting to manage even Venom Goblin's 3 main schemes. Clarity of Purpose is also a great leadership card for her to control her HP in addition to her Focused Rage. We want to be able to decrease HP manually to do a big Gamma Slam to finish the villain off.

Key Notes

*Honorary Avenger gives She-Hulk that 1 HP to max out on Gamma Slam and makes her an Avenger on her alter-ego side. This is important because Mighty Avengers requires every character to be an Avenger, including your identity to give the +1 thw/atk to allies. Being an Avenger in alter-ego also allows us to use Mediation to get out Quincarrier.

*Limitless Stamina is a great card for high HP heroes to ready, and this combos really well with Meditation for She-Hulk who flips a lot. If you're exhausted but need to ready to use Meditation to play a big support, Limitless Stamina is a great way to do that (make sure to use Limitless Stamina in hero form because it's a hero action, before flipping down to use Meditation, an alter-ego action). This combo works from AE -> hero or hero -> AE and adds a lot of flexibility and versatility.

*Might Avengers + The Triskelion + Avengers Tower gives us an ally limit of 5 and each ally has +1 thw/atk. This is big for gunning the villain down and doing massive amounts of threat removal. Even Venom Goblin's 3 main schemes in addition to having 2 side schemes out wasn't a problem to manage.

*Clarity of Purpose + Focused Rage lets us manipulate our HP and get more resources for a big Gamma Slam.

Cards you may want to include

Deft Focus synergizes well with She-Hulk because she has a lot of Superpower cards. I didn't include this card because her Superpower cards will only be used endgame when bursting the villain down, and playing Deft Focus and those Superpowers don't help us build our board/manage the early game. Avengers Mansion, Helicarrier, Quincarrier, and Clarity of Purpose are all better options because they are more versatile and can pay for anything to help us set up. Then when these cards are already in play late game, Deft Focus isn't necessary anymore.

Endurance is a good card to increase She-Hulk's max HP to do a 15 damage Gamma Slam without being at 1 HP. However, She-Hulk doesn't necessarily need the boost otherwise because she already has 15 starting HP, and I couldn't justify taking any other card out which help us set up early game. That being said, it's still a great option to swap in.


Jan 12, 2024 Papaporio · 34

Y un plan secundario de jugador para ayudar a montar mesa tipo Conseguir apoyo o Pedir refuerzos?

Jan 12, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11668

@Papaporio Not exactly sure your question because I don’t speak spanish haha but I saw you linked Build Support and Call for Backup. I think those are fine additions to the deck. I personally did not include them because they are low tempo for She-Hulk. I generally only include PSS if I can clear them the turn they get played, and the only way for She-Hulk to clear a 3 threat PSS turn 1 is with Hellcat or White Tiger. It’s too inconsistent to rely on drawing 1 of 2 specific allies in addition to drawing a PSS.

There also isn’t a specific support/ally that She-Hulk needs. We have 6 draw/resource generators and 7 allies. Getting any one of them with double resources or Meditation is enough to get her going.

The PSS are not a bad inclusion by any means and they help thin the deck which is great :)

Jan 13, 2024 Angelssen · 1

@Web-Warrior Fanatic as always love ur deck cuz we play the same style of play !

Not really related but I almost played all heroes and would love to do a good deck with spider woman so if one day u wanna try to make one ;)

Jan 13, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11668

@Angelssen I’ll definitely keep her in mind! I don’t own the Rise of the Red Skull but Spider-Woman would definitely be my main reason to get it. Thanks :)

Jan 13, 2024 andyr · 5463

This is a smooth deck! I finally got time to play it this morning. I love that it's a leadership deck without relying on the crutch of Strength in Numbers. Instead, it's a leadership deck that caters to She-Hulk's strengths. It's awesome!

Jan 14, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11668

@andyr That's awesome! Glad you tried and liked it. Thanks for the feedback. I always try to build a deck that doesn't work better with any other hero, but it's definitely difficult with She-Hulk's handsize.