SCL 1402 - Teamwork Rework

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josseroo · 659

This is for Solo Champions League - Season 14, Round 2

  • Risky Business + Wrecking Crew (03/05/23-3/18/23)
  • Difficulty: Standard II
  • Hero:
    • Champions: Ironheart, Nova, or Ms. Marvel
    • Guardians: Gamora, Nebula, or Star-Lord
    • Web-Warriors: Ghost-Spider, SP//dr, or Spider-Ham
    • X-Men: Colossus, Cyclops, or Storm
  • Aspect: Leadership
  • Deck-Building Constraints: No cards with "Avenger" trait. At least 3 cards with or requiring your faction trait.

Finished in 5, 7 and 5 turns with a Dark Dealings that took me to 6 threat on the main scheme in the first game (one of those times that Total Annihilation is a welcome boost card), clean boards and above maximum health. Double Lightning Bolt for the win in game 3.

I built the deck around building out the board for the first few turns, flipping frequently, and having a lot of ways to keep the hero + ally health high for the end game.

The deck was initially inspired by NormalModeGuy's deck with 3x Teamwork, but I later realized that this card's primary purpose was saving one or two consequential damage for one effective resource and some restrictions, and I had far better ways to keep my team health up than this, hence "Teamwork Rework"

  • With Steady from the Standard II set being out Professor X and Mirage were there as last resorts if I needed synergistic allies and I played each of them once across the three games.
  • Strength In Numbers did not pay off once (cycled it for a card a couple of times)
  • Mutant Education was a great way to get Lightning Bolt back into the deck, with Blast of Wind being next best.
  • This round made Blast of Wind go up in my estimation quite a bit as I seemed to frequently have a minion out so being able to do 6 spread out damage and activate a special was reasonably efficient.
  • All games finished before I had to draw an encounter card from decking out.