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Interruzione Eroe Quando usi il tuo potere di intervento base (INT) o il tuo potere di attacco base (ATT), esaurisci 1 alleato che controlli → aggiungi il suo potere corrispondente al potere del tuo eroe per questo uso.

Thor #32.
Lavoro di Squadra

Teamwork seems to get it's stock raised cycle by cycle.

In RoRS and Kang, we saw the increase of Retaliate on Villains and minions, and so consolidating your attack power reducing the amount of retaliate damage you'll take.

In GMW, a couple of the scenarios encourage you to keep Allies into play by punishing chump blocking, so this easily extends their life.

Giant Man in general also loves to be paired with this card as keeping his health high keeps his Str at 4

For folks who blew this card off a year ago, they really need to give it another look

Earth Dragon · 1456

I'm looking forward to trying this card out (the card has not been released yet at the point of writing). The ability to ignore the consequential damage when an ally attacks or thwarts, particularly if you were planning on doing so with your hero anyway, is strong in itself, particularly for the more expensive allies. But when you consider the ability this has for getting around the weaknesses of some allies (looking at Wonder Man and Lockjaw in particular for now, but I'm sure there will be others that will benefit from this going forward).

Old Ben · 1125
The problem is its not as good as First Aid at doing what you suggest, because we have no 3-pip consequential damage allies. It also requires you to perform the action with your hero which detracts from allies being resistant to obligations etc. It isn't bad in practise, but put 3x First Aid in before any copies of this and you will see results. — The_Wall · 128
There are corner cases where this better. WonderMan is probably the strongest example — Myriad · 1
Great for using Wonder Man without paying an extra physical every time you want yo have him ATK. — CBRAvengerIronMan · 1
Similar in functionality to Honorary Avenger — IceHot · 28
Indeed, while I like the concept behind this card, there are better and more versatile options, like first aid. Aclittle limited with the current pool of cards. However, when more allies with expensive basic abilities (discarding a card, drawing an enconter card, 2 consequential damage, etc) are printed, it can get interesting and fun to play. Right now, I would try it with Wonderman, Lockjaw and Heimdall. — ekalel · 1

I love this card. In a deck with Giant-Man, he gets his attack bonus for one extra round. In a Cyclops deck, Wolverine can sit out this attack and heal. Essentially, any ally Voltron deck benefits from this card because it adds one more activation to whichever ally has the power you need this round.

Combine this with Go All Out and you can swing pretty hard while protecting an ally. Absolutely awesome.

MacGhille · 246
This will not combo with Go All Out as you are not using your basic attack or thwart powers (which means to tap to attack or thwart). You are using their values to determine how much damage an attack event will deal. — chearns · 1