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journeyman2 · 21350

This deck is in collaboration with discord user Fry, also known for his 25 Blank Card challenges on Youtube

Fry came up with the idea to take the central concept from Gwen Hits the Griddy, and apply it to Ms. Marvel. We refined it in discord, tested it separately, and Fry even came up with the deck theme. I'm serving as the typist to bring this wonderful collaboration to your attention, do not pass this deck up!



"Sweet and undefeated and an awesome ten for ten"

I'm gonna lay it out for you MarvelCDB, this is yet another OTK deck. I love these, and if you're clicking on decks with my name next to it, you probably do too!

Here's the play-by-play:

Playing Counter-Punch seven times(!!) for 51 damage and the 16 damage in basic attacks lands her at 67 damage, before taking into account allies, Plasma Pistols, Electrostatic Armor, and any Big Hands.

All of this is perfectly legal, Indomitable, Counter-Punch, and Morphogenetics are all responses within the same window and can be triggered interchangeably until we close that window!

Check out the FAQ on Ms. Marvel

*This attack should be defended using Defiance or Wiggle Room, making a basic defense will cost us 7 damage as we get one less use of Morphogenetics


"Person of the Week in Every Greek Marvel opinion poll"

Hercules has his muses, and Ms. Marvel has Bruno, Aamir, and Nakia. There are two main ways to set up the combo: Bruno and Aamir. Fry favors the latter and I favor the former!

Bruno method:

Aamir method:

Pros of the Bruno method, are that it is relatively impervious to the encounter deck: there are fewer encounter cards that exhaust support cards (delaying Bruno) than there are that trigger a deck shuffle (ruining Aamir). Aamir limits the use of Brother Voodoo or Teen Spirit, as those will cause a shuffle or accidentally discard the Aamir cards when in need of an extra resource to set up the tech/Indomitables. Hitting the end of the deck before the combo is set up is also a liability of the Aamir method.

Pros of the Aamir method, are that it takes fewer turns to set up the Repurposes and Counter-Punches, needing only two flips to alter-ego, whereas the Bruno method requires three.

It is a classic safety vs speed issue. Being familiar with both methods lets you evaluate the game state and spec into one direction or use a combination of both to achieve the desired ends!


"From appearance fees and royalties, our Herc Kamala had cash to burn"

All of the most important cards in the deck cost-0! Counter-Punch, Defiance, Repurpose, Wiggle Room amount to 11 costless cards, or about 35% of the deck!

You know what else has a lot of zeroes? This girl's bank account, Kamala is riiiiiich. Take the low-cost curve of the deck, the absurd number of alter-ego and hero resources, the incredible deck-thinning and it is a winning combination for her wallet. Her allowance must be huge!

  • Alter-Ego Economy:

  • Hero Economy:

    • Morphogenetics into double Wiggle Room to trigger Unflappable, ending up with 7 cards in hand. Do everything from the previous paragraph, but in reverse, to end up with another 11 resource turn.

Getting Counter-Punches under Bruno are important to get them out of the deck and speed things up considerably. When combined with the deck cycling of Teen Spirit, she can get to a nice trim deck that cycles quick. Aamir is great to put double resources on the bottom, potentially in conjunction with Energy Barriers and Plasma Pistols discarded by Teen Spirit!

Going in I had my doubts, thinking this would be a slow, grueling combo to set-up, but it isn't! She sets up so fast it's practically just a training montage!! Repurpose decks are typically expensive, and this one is no exception. We need to get out x3 Tech and x3 Indomitable, while also seeding Bruno Carrelli with 6 cards, totaling 21 ER of set up. That seems like a lot of setup, but when factoring in her 22 resources every other turn, it flies by!

Less set up is necessary to OTK in 1p and 2p; a win can be mathed out on x number of Counter-Punches, meaning skimping on some Indomitables or Bruno Carrelli cards can result in a quick win. This deck is so fast however, that it takes me longer to whip out my phone calculator, than to finish the setup!

  • Jocasta is here to resume Wiggle Room chains or store a defense event for the OTK turn
  • Brother Voodoo can seek out an event to help with the board state or to put under Bruno Carrelli
  • Professor X helps generate free flips in solo
  • Plasma Pistol and Energy Barrier are the primary techs here, helping to control the board, pop toughs, and deal with those awkward moments where the villain hits for 4 but Wiggle Room only blocks 3. Energy Barrier can be crucial to block Retaliate on the OTK turn!
  • Electrostatic Armor is a cheap Repurpose target in an emergency. The ping builds up over time, letting her get away with less set up, accelerating the villain health down while stockpiling damage under Bruno. Eventually, villain health and damage stockpiled will cross like an Ark Nova end-game trigger!

Zeroes that didn't become Heroes


No, not this Disney Hercules

  • Pinpoint has great synergy with Repurpose decks...except this one. It saves most of its tech for the last turn, where Pinpoint's interrupt is not needed. Triggering a shuffle can also ruin Aamir Khan
  • Moon Girl would be great...if there weren't so few resources
  • Forcefield Generator can help hit some crazy numbers...but the forced interrupt prevents the use of Wiggle Room
  • "Go for Champions!" is a great slot in, particularly multiplayer where she can defend for multiple heroes that turn. It can also guarantee survival on the villain phase before the OTK turn, though it also shuts off Wiggle Room
  • Preemptive Strike is a multiplayer way to draw the first attack of the phase to Ms. Marvel on the OTK turn without sacrificing an exhaust/Morphogenetics trigger...but it has a chance to whiff if the villain pulls a 0-boost, while the lower cost of Defiance and Wiggle Room are preferred in other situations

Hercules came out in 1997, Ms. Marvel's first appearance was in 2013 at age 16...16 years later. Making her "birth year" the same year Hercules released!

Ms. Marvel vs Others:

Zero to Hero breaks a lot of conventions, not unlike Kamala did herself, so it wasn't immediately obvious why this combination works:

  • Repurpose in a 1/1/1 hero
  • Repurpose in a hero without kit or trait readies
  • Ms. Marvel without the usual attack/thwart event package
  • Ms. Marvel not in Aggression or Justice

My rule of thumb, up until Fry shattered it, was that Repurpose practically requires the ability to ready one or more times from cards that stay on the board like hero abilities (Dizzying Reflexes) or upgrades/supports/allies (like Spider-Man), which made Ghost-Spider so ideal. Zero to Hero proved to be the exception to the rule!

The more I played this deck, the more parallels I noticed with Ghost-Spider:

Where Gwen has high output, Kamala has high economy. Both decks are tremendous fun and we can't recommend them enough!!


Feb 20, 2023 Fry · 235

Indomitable for more Morphogenetics is so clutch to making this deck work. Being able to set three readies on the board waiting for your big combo turn is very good.

Feb 20, 2023 MrMimigma · 2136

Really funny combos. Can only say the words that @Fry say.

Did you test this deck, get all the cards under Bruno or place them for Aamir, looks very long to setup?

Feb 21, 2023 DMTip · 1

Wow, awesome deck/strategy! I love that Ms. Marvel has so many different ways to play based on her Morphogenics ability and the cards in her kit. It's a shame that you couldn't trigger Adrenaline Rush (Hero Action) in the Villain Phase for an even higher damage ceiling. I imagine the nova round of counter-punches being this flurry of stretchy POWs, BAMs, and SMACKs. It sounds super satisfying.

Are there any cards you'd swap in or add in a 3 or 4-player game?

Feb 21, 2023 journeyman2 · 21350

@Fry right you are of course! Was such a pleasure gradually figuring out how strong this concept was together!

@MrMimigma Yes, both Fry and I did test the deck (as well as some other discorders). It has beaten a slew of scenarios! Typically the win is very fast, turns 5-8 or so, because Ms. Marvel truly has some crazy economy. Like I said in the write-up, it was often more time to pull out my phone and calculate if I needed less set up to win, rather than just play one more turn out and win then. You don't need to deal 70+ damage in 1 turn most of the time haha! Take a read thru the write-up!

@DMTip Love the sound effects! Fry told me to add a Solo vs Multiplayer segment to the write-up, but I haven't had a chance to yet. The deck plays pretty much the same in solo or multiplayer, 70 damage is 70 damage lol. I've played in in 1-3 player games (not 4-player yet). In multiplayer, the set up is even faster because flipping is easier. You could swap Professor for Go For Champions to block for multiple players if you wanted to!

Thanks all!

Feb 21, 2023 Marctimmins89 · 279

Utterly janky and brilliant! I love it. Bravo, congratulations and all the other accolades.

Feb 21, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4146

Ms Marvel is the best! Seeing this deck in action Ms Marvel is able to do all of this setup while maintaining the board state. She has the best AE turns in the game, and this deck takes good advantage of it.

Feb 21, 2023 neothechosen · 10156

@journeyman2 Dude you're on FIRE!!! Absolutely insane combo! Congrats!

Feb 22, 2023 dr00 · 40715

i love it when a plan comes together

Feb 25, 2023 tyjyoung · 1

Wow, absolutely incredible. Quick question about it though; with Repurpose, does the tech you discard in your "control" have to be a tech card in play or can it be a tech in your hand?

Feb 25, 2023 journeyman2 · 21350

@Marctimmins89 Thank you sir! It definitely looks janky, but dang if it doesn't just win fast!

@Mikepelf Was a pleasure playing this with you!

@neothechosen The slow realization from "this looks like a meme" to "no, no this is legit, I'm about to take down Thanos and there's literally nothing in his deck that can stop me" was wild

@tyjyoung Repurpose can only discard cards that are in play under your control, not in your hand! Thanks for the kind words!

Feb 25, 2023 journeyman2 · 21350

@dr00 Your reference game is fireeeee

Mar 02, 2023 Ensign53 · 53

Jank deck? Check

Protection? Check

Ms marvel? Check

Man I love this deck. Question about timing/etc: does the villain moving the the next stage interrupt the combo at all? Or do they go back up to full health and you just keep going? What about multi-villain scenarios, i.e. wrecking crew or sinister six? Can you spread this damage out?

Love it! Can't wait to try it out for myself!

Mar 10, 2023 journeyman2 · 21350

@Ensign53 I definitely thought it was jank until it started winning every game in 6-7 turns. It's super consistent!!

To answer your question, flipping the villain stage does not slow this combo down at all. We just keep Counter-Punching through their new health.

Multi-villain scenarios can slow this down, since Counter-Punch can only be used against the attacker of the attack you defended. I recommended using the Repurposes to kill one villain and the Counter-Punches to kill another in the villain phase. You can even use "only enough" Counter-Punches to kill one, then defend the other's attack and use the rest of your Counter-Punches to kill the second one. Etc

Thank you so much! When you play it, let me know how it goes!

Apr 27, 2023 kikke2 · 716

Hi, could someone explain me this, please?

*This attack should be defended using Defiance or Wiggle Room, making a basic defense will cost us 7 damage as we get one less use of Morphogenetics

How a defense with Defiance or Wiggle Room (not a basic defense, so without exhausting to get one more Morphogenetics) trigger Counter-Punch?

May 18, 2023 Pedroq · 151

@kikke2 The latest rules reference says that playing a defense card means you are considered to have defended. So, playing Defiance or Wiggle Room allows you to "defend" against an attack without exhausting. After you play those cards, you are considered to have defended the attack so Counter-Punch and Indomitable trigger.

This is the rules reference section. It's under defend: "When a player resolves a triggered ability labeled as a defense—such as “Hero Interrupt (defense)”—that player’s identity becomes the defender and is considered to have defended the attack (they do not reduce the damage dealt by their DEF value)."