Costo: 1.

Azione Alter Ego: Esaurisci Aamir Khan → colloca 1 carta dalla tua pila degli scarti in fondo al tuo mazzo, poi pesca 1 carta.

"Stai bene? Cioè, a parte il fatto di essere nei peggiori guai che ti siano mai capitati in vita tua?"
Ms. Marvel #6. Ms. Marvel #10.
Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is incredible utility value.

Not only is he providing you with draw at the start of a burst turn, he's helping you build your last hand before you deck out if you get him early. Stock your hand with interrupts, or stash a key expensive ally with a double resource. Bury a Tackle or a Concussive Blow. Minions being a problem? Relentless Assault to the bottom.

After about two dozen games with Kamala on expert, I think he's strong enough to hard mulligan for and justifies aggressive use of the Team Spirit ability to get him out as fast as possible.

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