SCL S13 R5 Spectrum Defends the Tower

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Massive Attack Spectrum 216 164 5 1.0
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GrrRice · 31

This is the deck to take on SCL Season 13, Round 5 against Export Tower Defense.

The goal is to get down Mighty Avengers and either Command Team and/or Rapid Response, to get a few huge turns from one of three hard hitting allies: Giant-Man, Power Man, or Goliath. Make the Call can help fish those friends out for when you need them.

The smaller allies are in there are blockers to help build the board up, especially since the villains can often attack twice a turn. Earth's Mightiest Heroes can help ready either Spectrum or one of the bigger allies as well.

If I had to do anything over again, I would have cut Sneak Attack, since it was in there to cheat in a big ally... but that combo never showed up, given this is a bigger 50 card deck.