Storm - Leader of the X-Men

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NormalModeGuy · 901

Storm - Leader of the X-Men

There's A Storm Coming

Hello and welcome to the latest take on a peculiar character! Today's piece is about Storm.

What does storm do differently?

Well, I'm glad you asked. In case you haven't seen it already, Storm has access to her Weather-Deck! (Not an actual deck for rules purposes.) This gives her access to a variety of extremely strong weather-patterns at her disposal! But with great power, comes great responsibility! I'm sure many of you eagle-eyed players have noticed that Storm's weather-abilities are so mighty that they apply to everyone! Including the Villain, Minions, Allies, You & Your Fellow-Players!

Wait, that sounds kinda.... bad..?

It's her blessing and her curse. Hurricane, Clear Skies, Thunderstorm & Blizzard! These are the elements you command! Thankfully, her hero-ability, Weather-Control allows you to swap these in and out easier! A simple play is Thunderstorm when appropriate for damage; but be careful! Or the Villain might just give you a bigger-smack than you expect to you or your friends! So what do we do with our Weather Goddess? Why, we...

Use Teamwork!

Storm's Weather Patterns apply to everyone, so don't be afraid to use Teamwork with your allies! Let's take Thunderstorm for instance. You have Gentle and you play Teamwork. Voila! Storm and Gentle Benefit from the +1 to Attack. So now when Storm uses her basic-attack, she will hit for as high as 7!

Isn't she kinda squishy?

She is, but don't worry! Your allies have really toughed up and received some Danger Room Training so that they can become Uncanny X-Men! And if you need a bigger break, why not cosy up when it's a Blizzard outside and try not to Flash Freeze!

Rain Or Shine, Don't Forget to Appreciate Ororo's Garden!

Now you can add a true-powerhouse of a character to your Exciting, Uncanny and All-New X-men team!

"Do you know what happens to a Villain when it's struck by lightning? The same as everything else."


Nov 16, 2022 Bojkan9413 · 1

I haven't tried it in practice yet but on paper I'm not a huge fan of Danger Room since if we're in alter-ego we don't get the ally discount from Uncanny X-Men. We do get an upgrade as a tradeoff which might be worth it especially with Teamwork. Definitely gonna try it out since the deck seems really good.

Nov 16, 2022 NormalModeGuy · 901

HI. The value of Danger Room is that she's a Glass-cannon at 1Def until she gets Storm's Cape, or spends more time in Blizzard. This makes her often go to AE. Sure, as you mentioned, you don't get the value from Uncanny X-Men or Team-Building Exercise in AE. But you gain the benefits of X-Mansion & Ororo's Garden as well in AE. Danger Room is less of a mandatory flip to AE, but there will be times when it's useful. Hope that helps.

Nov 17, 2022 VJakson · 23

Deck is particularly fun in multiplayer with heroes that like to ready a ton! I can imagine an Honorary X-Men for one’s teammates in such a case could justify an add.