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Michaelangelo · 3923

This deck is part of Project Post-con: building a ready to use deck for each existing hero, just using the available card copies of buying each pack once. This does not only enable fast pick-and-play, but it also makes each deck feel unique, as not everyone is using the same powerhouse cards. Each deck is intended to be fun and usable in expert mode, but none will be the absolute strongest possible due to the card limitations. Looking for other decks? Search for the Post-con tag.

Project Post-con build: V1, V2 (see comments)

This deck utilises some of Wasps greatest strengths: High DEF with retaliate, decent THW, strong attack events and science resource recylcing. This makes it a versatile protection deck. With good thwarting capabilities, this is one of the few protection decks in which you still like to flip to alter-ego. The deck works in both single-player and multiplayer. For the latter, it is a super fun combo with the Ant-Man deck in Project Post-con. This deck distinguishes itself from all other protection decks in this project, as it is a versatile alter-ego-friendly/THW-heavy build.


Pym Particles are great to get extra card draw (tiny) or heal (giant) to ensure you can keep defending with Dauntless. Besides this, only the basic energies are added, as most protection cards are cheap enough.


Wasp likes to defend, so allies are not often needed for chump blocks. They can be used to chump when Wasp has no readying options or to help defend for other players as well.

  • Ant-Man gives Wasp extra versatility with good THW and ATK options.
  • Iron Fist is generally strong and gives some additional breathing room from the villain, or helps Wasp defend for other places in multiplayer.
  • Brother Voodoo is great to get to het events, which are key in this deck. His science resource makes him easy to recur. As the deck is quite event-heavy, you will almost always have a good pick.
  • Ironheart is great for an additional chump block for another player, cycle the deck faster for her needed upgrades and recur with a science resource.


Wasp's upgrades are important to get her core mechanics rolling

  • Bio-Synthetic Wings is the most important upgrade to mulligan for, as it allows the use of Ever Vigilant, which makes Wasp a rare thwart-heavy protection character.

  • Wasp's Helmet makes her unique in protection, as it gives her a base 3 THW in Giant form, which is her preferred form throughout most of the games.

  • Red Room Training, her last hero upgrade gives retaliate 1, which will help chip away at any enemy until she draws her high attack events.

  • Armored Vest provides the needed 4 DEF for a strong protection build. Combined with the two Energy Barrier cards, it facilitates the use of Dauntless and Unflappable

  • Electrostatic Armor and Dauntless provide additional retaliation options on top of her Red Room Training. As a result, toughs and minions should not bother you too much.

  • Unflappable finally provides much needed card draw.


In my first test runs, card/resource management seemed to be a bottleneck to get multiple of her great events to pay off. As a result, I added both Quincarrier and Helicarrier to the deck. With these additions, resources never seemed limiting anymore.


Wasp shines by her events, which are again used versatile. With the recurrence possibilities of her alter-ego, she can easily adapt in what event she sees most, depending on the need of the scenario. DEF:

  • Desperate Defense helps to defend and trigger her retaliates/Unflappable without being exhausted.
  • Perseverance further helps avoid damage in very high hitting scenarios. As Wasp easily flips, this card has huge value. Furthermore, it can recur with her alter-ego ability when needed. THW:
  • Giant Help is a decent threat removal card, but even her least preferred option (which says a lot in a protection deck!)
  • True Grit works wonders on Wasp as she is the only hero (at this time) who in protection can easily build to 4 DEF to allow defending and still have 3 THW, making 3 threat removal for 2 ER insane value in protection.
  • Ever Vigilant is the cherry on the pie, which again gives versatility through readying. In total it is often worth 5 threat removal for 3 ER, which is again wild for a protection build. ATK
  • Pinpoint Strike and Wasp Sting already give solid attack options in her base kit Other
  • Get Behind Me! is great to have some additional villain control. In scenario's with awful treacheries it ca be recurred. With a really easy nemesis, you at least don't need it for Shadow of the Past.
  • Rapid Growth gives additional versatility to already the most versatile protection deck in the project.

In conclusion, Wasp is amazingly versatile and a rare high thwart protection hero with alter-ego access in virtually all scenarios.


Jan 23, 2022 Michaelangelo · 3923

With the release of vision I changed following contents: added 2x Defiance and 2x Indomitable. Removed 2x Perseverance, Get Behind Me! and Dauntless.

  • Indomitable ensures that after defending, Wasp is ready again to use her high THW or thwart again.
  • Defiance ensures your 4 DEF is definitely enough for almost each scenario.

I will create a V2.0 of all the decks in the future, but I don't want to flood the site with new decks every month with each new release.

Mar 05, 2022 Randito · 39

What do you think about adding Endurance to help trigger Dauntless?

Mar 21, 2022 Michaelangelo · 3923

@Randito that's definitely a viable combo. I opted not to use it here as I preferred my limited Endurance copies on other heroes and Dauntless is mainly a nice-to-have on Wasp. As more heroes are released, some more cards will switch around in the project. I plan to make a new update some time after testing out the Sinister motives decks, in order not to update every single release. Though I more lean towards removing Dauntless in favour of other heroes getting access to it, rather than adding Endurance at this moment.