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josseroo · 677

Solo Champions League (SCL) Round 902 introduces the RoRS campaign upgrades for the first time, which opens up some fun combos that you wouldn't normally try because SCL matches tend to reward tempo strongly.

Round details:

  • Round 2 - Absorbing Man + Band of Badoon (12/19/21-08/01/22)
  • Hero: Quicksilver
  • Aspect: Aggression, Justice, Leadership, Protection, or All Basic
  • Upgrade: 1 Tech Upgrade [The Rise of Red Skull campaign - normal campaign rules apply]


The point of this deck is to use Emergency Teleporter to put Goliath into play, build up a board of activations (Sky Cycle, Command Team) and to a lesser extent buffs (Powered Gauntlets, Inspired) and then on turn 4 or 5 use Goliath and whatever else you have going on to finish off Stage II of Absorbing Man and one-shot his Stage III. There are multiple allies that benefit from Command Team on turns before you are executing the finishing combo, such as Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Nick Fury and Power Man.

The choice is to do this from board, using Upgrades and Supports, instead of using events like Get Ready is to ensure you are not waiting around to draw the right combo pieces to finish off the villain.

Further refinements to make:

  • This deck ends up with some awkward hands, filled with resources and not much else to do. You want to find the right balance of resource cards to help you build your board quickly while minimizing dud hands.
  • Even though you are not really using Quicksilver to do much in the way of Quicksilver things, I could see putting Deft Focus in here since most of his kit is Superpower traited.
  • The combo is set up quickly enough that you are never making it all the way through your deck, so there's some room to keep a deck size above 40 since you're not really trying to do any deck thinning.