Pavitr Prabhakar



Costo: 3.
Punti Ferita: 3.
Attack: 1. Thwart: 1.

Risposta: Dopo che Spider-Man è entrato in gioco, rimuovi 1 minaccia da una trama per ogni carta Web-Warrior che controoli (incluso Spider-Man).

"Prima i criminali dal futuro di Ham, adesso questi robot giganti. I Mondi della Ragnatela si stanno intrecciando."
Spider-Ham #13.

So... is this X threat from 1 scheme, or 1 threat from X schemes, where X is the number of Web-Warriors? I can read it both ways and can't find a specific ruling to point to one or the other. I'm leaning towards 1 threat from X schemes, but.... shrugs?

Ensign53 · 53
My take is X threat from 1 scheme. I don't have a ruling to base it on but maybe we can hive-mind it out in the comments if nobody else knows for sure — Stretch22 · 522
X threat from one scheme. They only used digits for the amount of threat and said "a scheme" which is what gives it away. — Bojkan9413 · 1
The answer is that “for each web-warrior card you control” you “remove 1 threat from a scheme.” This means that you remove 1 from any scheme for each web-warrior…in other words, X threat from among X schemes. — andyborehol · 1

i think this is a good side deck card for when you have friends that run things like Spiderman (peter parker/miles morales), Ghost Spider, Spiderham, SP//DR , etc causing you not being able to play your ally cards because a unique ally cant be played when Heros with the same name exist on the field (both as an ally and a player's hero card)

there is no image on the main site so i had to check what the artwork was: crazyjackalope.com