Costo: 1.

Team-Up (Ant-Man e Wasp). Massimo 1 per mazzo.

Azione Eroe: Assumi la tua altra sembianza di eroe. Ripristina il tuo eroe.

Wasp #20.
Tattica dello Sciame

1+card is the expected cost for readying your hero. This card has an additional restriction on when you can play it, which can be disruptive: either the other player has to also be in hero form, or the ally has to be in play. In exchange for the restriction, you get the added effect of "change to your other hero form." For both heroes, it can be handy as a way to trigger "after you change form" effects if you've started the turn in hero form but still want to end in Alter Ego.

Wasp doesn't get an especially large amount of value from Swarm Tactics. Her stats on the Giant side are ok, but the stats on Tiny form are poor, so hopefully you can arrange your turn to make use of the Giant stats more often. By contrast, Ant-Man has good stats in both hero forms, and also gets bonuses for switching forms (Puny Pest/Giant Nuisance), and even more bonuses with Giant Strength and Ant-Man's Helmet. This can even help you trigger Giant Strength multiple times in a turn in combination with Resize.

Overall, I'd say this is nearly an auto-include for Ant-Man, while for Wasp it is extremely situational.

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