Nadia Van Dyne


Aereo. Avenger.

Costo: 3.
Punti Ferita: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 2.

Risposta Eroe: Dopo che Wasp è entrata in gioco, infliggi 2 danni a un nemico se sei nella sembianza di eroe Gigante oppure rimuovi 2 minacce da una trama se sei nella sembianza di eroe Minuscolo.

Ramon Bachs
Ant-man #2. Ant-Man #1.

Same cost as Agent 13, one more attack, if you are in Tiny form she has the same remove 2 thwart ability. Has the option of doing damage instead if in Giant form. She's just better in every way than an ally that I already considered very good in Cap's deck.

Euphius · 204
Good point. To math it out, Wasp is 8 DMG or 8 THW for 3. Pretty solid. — neothechosen · 8138

Now that the wasp Hero pack is out, are we able to play the Ant Man or Wasp ally cards when both hero decks are in play?

I can’t find a ruling on this anywhere, but it seems weird to include a mandatory card that can’t be played based on the limitation around unique card names.

Prowl · 2
You can't play Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne) when Wasp/Nadia Van Dyne is already in play. OTOH, Swarm Tactics comes much more reliable. — adsarf · 234
Correct. I just want to add that this case already exists as spiderwoman and captain marvel both have each other as allies too. — L3w15 7 · 9513