Avenger. Olimpo.

Costo: 6.
Punti Ferita: 4.
Attack: 3. Thwart: 1.

Riduci il costo per giocare Ercole di 1 per ogni gregario impegnato con te.

"Qualsiasi cosa possa fare, Ercole la compirà con maggiore potenza!"
Thor #11.

Hercules is capable of dealing 12 damage (3 dmg x 4 health). If you have one minion engaged, that's 5 for 12. Two minions, 4 for 12. Three minions, 3 for 12. Needless to say, these are insane numbers. Hercules is a great target for: Inspired (in multiplayer), making Inspired a 1 cost, deal 4 damage or thwart 4. Honorary Avenger would be a 1 cost, deal 3 damage. And even heavily incentivizes the use of First Aid - making it a 1 cost, deal 6 damage and Med Team (in multiplayer), making it a 3 cost, deal 18 damage.

As far as future proofing goes; any card that boosts the HP of an Ally will improve the efficiency of Hercules, with the goal of playing him only once and keeping him on the field for the rest of the game.

RolandWright · 1994