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Easher88 · 2

This is my deck build from the pre-con for Drax with a few modifications. My intention with this deck build was that not everyone can afford everything for Marvel Champions. So, with the core box and a few of the more popular Heroes (Captain America, SP//dr and Doctor Strange) this deck can be built (Ignore the Galaxy's Most Wanted Expansion and Rogue for this build, I'm not sure why it's there because I don't own them).

Cards removed:

  • "Deflection" was removed from the deck since it requires that cards are to be discarded equal to the amount of damage prevented from the enemy attack.
  • "Subdue" was removed from the deck because yes, it's nice to get the -3 attack on the villain but it's a (1) cost card and in Hero form Drax is only a (4) hand size so (2) cards are left in your hand and you are now exhausted.

Cards Added:

I added (2) copies "Unflappable", (2) copies of "Desperate Defense" and (2) copies of Expert Defense for a card total of 42.

Deck Build Strategy:

I ran this deck a few times through against Rhino and when I get the right cards the first few turns, I am almost guaranteed to win. I mulligan hard for either "Dwi Theet Mastery" and "Drax's Knife". If I can get either one of those I at least get (1) card draw from a basic attack or +1 attack every basic attack. If I didn't get either card or at least "Fight Me Coward" I will stay in Alter-Ego form for another turn.

Since Drax really likes to be punched in the face to get his Vengeance tokens I have put cards in here such as "Desperate Defense" and "Indomitable" as a defensive ready. The villain will attack you and then using either one you can to defend, take no damage and ready up. Since Drax is a 14-hit point hero "Limitless Stamina" is a great ready card to have after you have performed a basic attack and while you have "Dwi Theet Mastery" out you get to draw another card for that basic attack as well.

"Expert Defense" is a good card to use in the early defense game since it is free and there are times where you pull Rhino's "Charge" treachery card and that can save you from a massive amount of damage. If you're lucky enough to have either "Counter Punch" or "Payback" then you can do damage back to Rhino and you will still have the ready available for the hero phase and actually be able to attack.

"Leading Blow" is a late game card for when your villain has a possible tough status and with Drax's Vengeance tokens getting up to a possible (4) attack you will never have to worry about drawing an encounter card and hoping it's not a card with (3) boost icons. Plus, if there is no tough status you get that damage and you ready up to do another basic attack.

"Athletic Conditioning" is used for the few times that the villain can stun or confuse you. For example, with my recent play throughs against Rhino he has cards such as "False Alarm" and "Stampede" which cause a confuse or a stun depending on with card you get. This being a (1) cost card to remove a status card is always a bonus.

The last point to talk about is the allies that are in the deck. Honestly, Mantis is the only ally I care about getting out since she basically gives you (9) health over (3) rounds of play. She can thwart for (2) which is big compared to Drax that can only thwart for (1) and has only (2) cards that are used for thwarting. All the other allies could be replaced with other cards such as "Hard to Ignore" to remove (1) threat, "Nerves of Steel" to generate a resource for a defense event or Everyone's favorite Blockingbird ("Mockingbird") for a free stun and (3) threat removal over (3) rounds.

Deck Revision:

  • 1: Initial Deck Build

Jun 10, 2024 fluffyseaotter · 50

Good starter deck. Normally you only need one copy of unflappable in a though deck. You could try adding the C.I.T.T. support from the starlord pack to ready Drax more steadily if you have it.