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teamcanadahockey2002 · 7733

Holy Upgrades Batman!

This deck is built around a combo that, as of the publishing of this deck, seems to be found in only a handful of decks on the CDB - Rocket Raccoon playing Iron Man with Guardians of the Galaxy.

This deck takes some of its roots from a dr00 classic, A Suit of Armor Around the Galaxy. The basic idea is to play Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, and then load Iron Man up with upgrades. Each time you play your free upgrade on Iron Man, you get to draw a card. And with the card pool we now have, there are 9 different upgrades that Iron Man can have attached to him in Leadership

In previous iterations of this deck, there was a bit of a challenge getting some of these upgrades on Iron Man, as Laser Blaster and Comms Implant require that Iron Man be a Guardian. Playing this sort of deck as Star Lord does alleviate that challenge, but then misses out on the awesome synergy with Rocket because Rocket can then sell the Tech upgrades found on Iron Man for 2 cards each turn.

The biggest advantage to the card pool now though is Suit Up, as you can use it to pull Iron Man from the deck or discard pile, AND pull a copy of Honorary Guardian to put on Iron Man. Then you can play any of your upgrades on him immediately. You also get to draw a new card right after you play the Honorary Guardian.

Ideally, you'll also want a copy on Rocket himself so that he is a Guardian in Alter-Ego. However, once you play Iron Man and the Honorary Guardian, you can then essentially build Iron Man's suit. I've regularly had this deck essentially draw all 9 upgrades in one turn once Iron Man is down, as once I play the Honorary Guardian on Iron Man, I draw into Comms Implant (for example). Comms Implant gets played for free --> it draws into Power Gloves. Play Power Gloves for free --> draw into Reinforces Suit. You see where this goes...

Ultimately, this deck has 2 full copies of Iron Man's suit, as what I usually find happens is that I deck out after having built the suit. Then Iron Man runs out of HP, and the old suit goes in the discard pile. Then I use another copy of Suit Up to put Iron Man Mark II into play. He then makes a new suit with the cards in the draw pile and repeats this process until it's time for Mark III.

One cool thing you can do to help with the timing of when you finish off one version of Iron Man and start the next one is to trigger Clarity of Purpose on him to generate a resource, or to sell off the Reinforced Suit. You may discover that you have a copy of Suit Up in your hand and have the resources available to play Iron Man again. Use Iron Man twice with his own basic activation and one from Sky Cycle. Then trigger Clarity of Purpose and sell the Reinforced Suit to lower his HP and get him in the discard. Then make the Mark X + I version and keep the process going over and over again.

Major Victory is there to help get one extra activation out of Iron Man when needed. When he is fully fitted up, Iron Man will ATK 5 and THW 4 with a Power Gloves damage twice a turn. Then if you finish off his HP and use Suit Up to get him into play again, it's likely you can get another couple of activations in with the new version.

Iron Man essentially can become a much stronger (although more expensive) version of SP//dr or Starhawk. Not sure this is the most powerful deck I've ever built, but boy oh boy is it fun. If you like drawing cards and putting them into play immediately, this deck cycle fast.

Hope you'll give it a try. As always, appreciate a like and/or a comment. Until next time Champions...


May 27, 2024 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7733

Got a question for the community that I'm curious about.

Suppose I play Suit Up and grab Major Victory. Do we think that I could also take a Sky Cycle (to put on Iron Man). I know that it can't be played on Major Victory without him being an Avenger, but does the upgrade that you grab need to be playable immediately?

Personally, I think this is written in a way to make sure that the upgrade is the type that goes on allies, so you can't use it to grab Battery Pack or Thruster Boots. However, Sky Cycle is theoretically playable on Major Victory so it's a valid target.


May 28, 2024 spinnerrogers · 61

This is wild. I only worry that, with my luck, the one copy of Guardians of the Galaxy will be at the bottom of the deck more often than not.

I'm no rules lawyer, but I would think no for tutoring Sky Cycle with Major Victory. It is only possible to play Sky Cycle on Major Victory because of Honorary Avenger, right? I feel like the effect of a card like Suit Up should not be so contingent on the existence of some other card in the cardpool (especially one that is not in play). If Suit Up was, hypothetically, printed before Honorary Avenger, but after Sky Cycle, would the eventual printing of Honorary Avenger have any impact on your ability to tutor Sky Cycle?

Personally, I'm a fan of having Suit Up being restricted to tutoring upgrades that can be immediately played on the tutored ally. Makes for interesting deck building considerations, like including Ant Man ally so you can fish the upgrade and then use Ant Man as a resource sink (though this probably doesn't work great in your case because of your Team card).

May 28, 2024 Castlefrank47 · 264

I just built a rockert deck a few weeks ago centered around guardians of the galaxy and it was a Ton of fun, looking forward to giving this a shot!

May 28, 2024 Redbear64 · 360

Would you consider Build Support here to help with finding GoG?

Also, maybe not optimal but I feel like subbing Groot in for MV and adding Flora and Fauna could be fun

May 28, 2024 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7733

@Redbear64 Ive had Groot in for Major Victory in most iterations of this deck. He is quite good for helping block for Rocket. I found I didnt like F and F because I dont overly care about using my weapons too often with Iron Man doing most of the heavy lifting. I often found I had more charges due to battery packs than I could use (or sell)

Build Support is a good call! I sometimes forget that Build Support isnt exclusively for basic cards :) I play a lot of multiplayer so it usually ends up on the table at some point. I would probably put in as a 41st card.

May 29, 2024 Marctimmins89 · 291

Did you try it with a Fiest Aid or two so you do t have to trash one suit and rebuild it from scratch?

May 29, 2024 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7733

@Marctimmins89 That was actually how this deck started... as a true Voltron to keep on the table. It worked reasonably well but I found that each First Aid was only enough to cover one round of play at 2x activations so there would be many turns I had to leave Iron Man sitting there useless.

In this deck, I will activate Iron Man 2-4 rounds per turn because of how he becomes like Starhawk - it is expensive though. That's why I think Rocket works well because of Tinkering and Salvage

May 30, 2024 Sluggie · 4

You could consider CITT for an 'on-call' activation option and/or with Major Victory.

May 31, 2024 dr00 · 41336

this is such a fun deck

Jun 03, 2024 Honorary Marleyan · 1

This deck sounds cool as hell

Jun 03, 2024 swordgeo · 73

I'm finding unfortunate goldfishing where either Iron Man or Guardians is near the bottom of the deck so it takes forever to get going.

It feels worse when you get Iron Man on the field, slap Honorary Guardian on him, you're ready to draw like mad..but you don't have HG on yourself in alter.

So I think I'm gonna run a third Honorary so there are still two for Tony sinch it's a lynchpin upgrade

Jun 03, 2024 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7733

@swordgeo FWIW, Iron Man at the bottom should be relatively negated by using Suit Up. I also put the first Honorary Guardian on myself when I do that

Guardians of the Galaxy at the bottom sucks. I think that the suggestion of running Build Support from @Redbear64 above is actually a good idea to help on that front.

Best of luck!

Jun 03, 2024 Penguinclaptrap · 1

I love your build. I’ve been playing my own version and I had a rules interaction question. If you already have an upgrade on Iron Man, can you play another copy of the same one and just discard one from play (and get the card draw from playing it)? Like the unique rule? That’s how I have been playing it but I’m not sure if that is correct. If so this deck is bonkers!

Jun 03, 2024 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7733

@Penguinclaptrap I really don't know? In previous versions of this deck, I would end up selling off the Tech upgrades for the two cards if I ever came across an upgrade that I already had down. Now though, the way I play, I don't ever have this issue because I always have one copy of my suit either on or in my draw pile, and the other is in the discard.

Anyone else know if you can override an upgrade like we can allies?

Jun 07, 2024 Proust · 44

Such a great Deck, but in my opinion, its unplayable with high expert vilains. Rocket, with 9hp, and 1 def, is just to weak...

Jun 20, 2024 Man-is-Obsolete · 4384

Fun deck, like it a lot in two player where things can be a little more forgiving to a rough start. I did scoop one game where I didn’t see a Suit up or iron man in the top 12 cards haha. In general I think it works best as a multiplayer deck, which is fine by me as I find myself playing a lot of Multiplayer as well.

Again this is an awesome deck and having played it a couple of times I’d only change 2-3 things to my liking.

Jun 21, 2024 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7733

@Man-is-Obsolete 100% agree... because you need to go to AE every other turn and has no built-in confuse, it's not very forgiving in true solo sometimes. I play a lot of 2P myself, and I played this one a lot with the Domino one I just posted where it can really shine.

@Proust Yeah, the 9HP is rough. You can get up to 13 HP, but I agree there too. You need to be willing to block with Iron Man if you're playing a pretty hard hitting villain, so this deck totally needs some tweaks if going against a Thanos or someone like that.