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stilonxy · 4793

Where are all the Magik justice decks? Oh right, justice is garbo for her. She is lacking damage output, why would anyone ever want to create a justice deck for her? Well, call me a mad lad. At least I tried.

A proper write up is coming soon. Until then, this is what you get...

edit: include Zone of Silence - I forgot to add it and it's pretty much designed to be in this deck.

To clarify. Global Logistics and Scrying will trigger the discard response of White Fox and Digging Deep even if they are not the topmost card.

The Idea

Manipulate that deck like crazy. Scry, scry, scry, step on that disc, draw some cards and scry again and again and again. Repeat. Profit.

No but seriously. That pretty much sums up the idea. It's stupid but it works... so I guess it's not stupid. By manipulating the deck you'll be able to dish out a fair amount of damage with Stepping Disc+Combat Specialist+Soulsword+Soul Strike fairly often which fairly easy could net you at least 16 damage.

Some thoughts

The issue with Magik and justice is the damage output. So what we wanna do is squeeze as much damage as possible out of her while still creating a solid deck. Sky-Destroyer+Agent 13 adds some great value to that. Specialized Training should prioritize Combat Specialist for the extra damage. Also, Limbo those darn Digging Deep to get full benefit of Soulsword (I mean, who cares if they get discarded anyway).

Scrying is obviously the MVP of this deck. With all the discarding and manipulation of the deck you'll most likely be able to target Scrying with most of your Stepping Disc. Come to think of it, Stepping Disc might be an even bigger mvp. It readies you and should occasionally be used to pick up Exorcism or Soul Strike for some clutch board control or extra burst.

Digging Deep might at first glance seem like an odd choice when neither Energy nor Genius are included. But trust me, it adds up and cuts had to be made. Not only will you get plenty of opportunities to discard those darn bastards, awarding you a free draw (note that Spiritual Meditation does not trigger it's effect /sadface), but it will also add more wild resources to your deck which will greatly enhance your versatility since most of her hero cards interact with resources. And if, by chance you would end up with it in your hand by simply drawing it Limbo is your friend.

Bloodgem is an odd one since we don't have much defense. It still adds great value even if you only use it once or twice. Also, this deck is skewed towards mental resources, so you'll get plenty of opportunities to confuse -> AE recup with Exorcism.

White Fox in hand? Limbo that mf and discard him or pull him out with Wolfsbane.

Also, card draw is huge for this deck. Running through the deck is essential. You want them stepping discs so you can ready and dish out damage like mad. Preferably draw big draws (yes I'm looking at you Nick Fury and One Way or Another) after you've played Global Logistics so you don't pull them Digging Deep by misstake.

Allies should eat them big hits. I guess you could threw in the good ol' Professor X for another ready, but I haven't found him game breaking by any means and I very much prefer the other options.

That's it.



Apr 02, 2024 qaarky · 1

Neat deck. I'm a bit hesitant to use One Way or Another with so few threat removals. Thoughts?

Apr 02, 2024 stilonxy · 4793

@qaarky reasonable. We're trading a lot of threat removal for deck control. Hence, this deck relies on the allies to thwart + Surveillance Team. Exorcism will pop up quite often since you cycle through the deck fairly quick, and you can always target Exorcism with Stepping Disc if you're in a pickle.

Apr 02, 2024 niolty · 168

Tried it earlier today vs expert Kang. Really solid deck. Global Logistics is such a no brainer for Magik. The card draw is also insane. Good job dude.

Apr 03, 2024 josseroo · 565

You had me at Global Logistics

Apr 03, 2024 Angelssen · 1

So question about a situation tiger shark that’s has a forced response that give him a though after he attacked, I guess by logic that he attack me , so I use magical barrier , meaning I take no damage , he though and I deal 3 damage in the though cuz I have the good symbol on the top ? It doesn’t trigger before the tough because of the dot in the sentence of the card and the forced response resolve before the damage part on the second sentence ?

Apr 04, 2024 stilonxy · 4793

@Angelssen good question. I might be wrong, but to my understanding Magic Barrier is executed to it's full extent first since it's all part of the same response which is triggered when the attack is initiated. Tiger Shark's response triggers after the attack is executed.

Apr 04, 2024 Angelssen · 1

@stilonxy i'm actually not that sure, thats why i asking cuz it could have been better, Maybe ui will ask on the reddit if no one is sure :p but i do agree with the 2 sentence on the same effect

other question by the way but if global logistic or Scring told us to check X cards on the top of the deck, when i discard it if the card has a wirintg of the type "discarded while on the top of the deck" the effect trigger then ?

Apr 04, 2024 stilonxy · 4793

@Angelssen from

Q: With the upcoming White fox basic ally, does she physically have to be the top card of the deck or could she be discarded with something like global logistics in which she started as the second card for example?

A: Yes, you can resolve White Fox’s ability if she’s the second card in a deck and discarded via Global Logistics.

Which should also apply for Digging Deep since it's the same wording.

Apr 04, 2024 Angelssen · 1

Ho thx to find the answer on hall of heroes , I should I ve think to look and well I did made my life harder than needed !

Apr 04, 2024 stilonxy · 4793

@Angelssen it would've ruined the deck if it only worked for the utmost top card hehe :)

Apr 07, 2024 dr00 · 39592

this deck is strong. i think she just has more obviously applications in other aspects, but i'm have a lot of fun with Justice with her actually. i've been testing a very similar deck, using Agent Coulson and Monica Chang with Chance Encounter as a way to repeatedly shuffle the deck to get more chances at a better card on top. drawing with Skilled Investigator, One Way or Another, etc. are all great ways of doing that too. it's a bit of a slower burn, but you get so much value by the late game