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Daring Lime · 452

Nebula is a difficult hero to play. Her inconsistency can be frustrating. But with this deck I was able to go through the entire infinity gauntlet campaign, and beat Loki easily with no threat on the main scheme, no minions out, no side schemes out, and end with full health. Read on and I will explain!

For things to work out for Nebula she needs to be able to afford multiple upgrades at once, and Lethal Intent. When it works out she has some of the strongest turns of any hero, but sometimes it goes horrible and you end up with no upgrades and 3 Lethal Intent in one hand, and that can feel very bad. So, to deal with the inconsistent nature of her deck I added consistency.

Nebula's Guardian trait grants access to some of the strongest allies in the game. Drax dishes out damage like no other, Rocket Raccoon destroys minions, and Groot is perhaps the best defensive ally in the game. So whenever her upgrades don't pan out, Nebula can prioritize playing those allies and keeping them alive with Med Team. If Drax is healed 3 times by Med Team that adds an extra 9 damage over three turns! Also Groot can block attacks from the villain and live multiple times if he is healed.

In order to facilitate Nebula's hero cards which consist mostly of 1 cost upgrades I added Helicarrier. Being able to play an upgrade for free on alter-ego adn then draw two cards is invaluable. Not to mention, in 2 player, which is what I mostly play Helicarrier fundamentally morphs the game and allows for crazy plays between you and your teammate that are otherwise not possible. Helicarrier is an underrated card in my opinion, and also synergizes perfectly with Nebula's kit.

Nebula's alter-ego ability encourages her to flip down. But if you do, the threat on the main scheme can get out of control. To mitigate this I added 3 copies of Jump Flip to help with threat removal and also preserve hp and allies. Once Nebula's Ship is in play the resource requirement is not an issue, but to add extra consistency, I included Enhanced Reflexes, which doubles as a way to buy the one cost upgrades.

The final way I increased Nebula's consistency was by adding Build Support and Superpower Training. These player side schemes can be finished by just one activation of Cutthroat Ambition, and then can search for Nebula's Ship, Helicarrier or one of Nebula's upgrades. Then they go into the victory display, and increase the fraction of Nebula's deck that consists of her hero specific cards. It is a major boost to her consistency.

General Strategy:

  1. Play your upgrades whenever possible and make use of the alter-ego ability to draw 2 cards when the main scheme is under control.
  2. Utilize the power of the Guardian allies. Keep them alive!
  3. Keep the main scheme under control with your powerful basic thwart (Unyielding Persistence gets you up to 3 THW) and Jump Flip

Common Mistakes:

  1. Holding on to Lethal Intent: Don't feel bad about not playing it. There are 3 copies in your deck, if you draw it at the wrong time lean on your allies. That's what they're there for.
  2. Min/Maxing: Sometimes it won't be worth going into alter-ego for the card draw. It is important to keep the board state under control. As long as you can keep things in check, eventually you will have the big turns with multiple upgrades. Don't try too hard to force it.
  3. Using Lethal Intent on every upgrade: All of your upgrades are good, but sometimes it is worth it to only pay for 1 or 2 of your upgrades with Lethal Intent and doing something else on a turn.

With that good luck! I hope you enjoy this deck.


Jan 18, 2024 andyr · 3852

Absolutely gonna try this out tonight/tomorrow. Nebula is one of those heroes that seems like a fun puzzle, but I never get her to the table enough. This deck looks like a great strategy for her!

Jan 18, 2024 Daring Lime · 452

@andyr Thanks! And I just updated it to add Professor X and Digging Deep. I don't have the wasp hero so that slipped by me when I went to publish it, so if you do have the double resource for basic is a great option. Still not sure how to edit decks after they have been published, but here is the link to my updated version!