Web-Warrior Fanatic (Expert Ronan, Venom Gob, Loki w/ vids)

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Web-Warrior Fanatic · 8214

Spider-Man, the Web-Warrior Fanatic vs. Ronan, the Kree Fanatic!

Yes, I changed the name of my channel to Web-Warrior Fanatic too :)

Full Game Playthroughs:

Ronan the Accuser (expert)

Venom Goblin (expert)

Magneto (expert)

Loki (expert)

Thanos (expert)

The Collector (expert, 10 minute rush)

Nebula (expert, 7 minute rush)

[2 handed] Spider-Man & Cyclops vs. Ronan the Accuser (expert)

Basic Strategy

The main playstyle with this deck is to build and survive, then counter-attack. Mulligan for double resources and any combination of: One Way or Another, Nick Fury, Moongirl, and Avenger’s Mansion. The toughest scenarios put on pressure right away (with side schemes and minions) so we want to clear the board as much as possible while simultaneously building. In the beginning, try to not hold any cards in your hand. Swinging Web-Kicks, Webbed-Up, Enhanced Spider-Sense, Warrior of the Great Web, Web of Life and Destiny… It doesn’t matter! Throw them away. Even Backflip can be used as a resource if we can play a core card. It's important to be versatile and be willing to throw or hold cards if the situation allows.

After we start off strong and gain control of the board, we want to get our core build set-up in this priority:

Avenger’s Mansion

Beat Cop (1st copy)

Under Surveillance

Web of Life and Destiny

Warrior of the Great Web (you'll probably want to play this before Web of Life and Destiny, but the Web of Life and Destiny is more important)

Beat Cop (2nd copy)

Aunt May



Beat Cop (3rd copy)

Don’t be afraid to play any of these cards on your next run through after decking out. This deck will run out of cards multiple times so there are multiple chances to play the cards we want. Make decisions that best fit the situation and try to get out as much as you can while staying alive!

The Endgame

Now that we have our 10 card build completed, the game is pretty much in the bag! In the endgame, this deck’s playstyle completely changes: hold cards in your hand! If you have a strong ally like Nick Fury/Moongirl and can’t play them this turn, save them in your hand! Backflip, Enhanced Spider-Sense, and Swinging Web-Kicks? Save them for next turn! The card draw with this build is insane, often having 10+ cards in your hand. I’ve often played all 3 Swinging Web-Kicks in 1 turn, dealing 24+ damage in one go to defeat the villain in style!

Please let me know if you have fun or success with this deck!

For a more in-depth analysis of every card in this decklist, click here!


Sep 14, 2023 lkmyst · 14

I like to confuse expert Ronan, so switched out Coulson, Spycraft, & OWoA for 2 Sonic Rifles & Professor X, & it worked!

Nice deck! It makes me want to try him out on other villains.

Sep 14, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 8214

@lkmystI'm glad you enjoyed this deck! Sonic Rifle + Professor X are definitely really good substitutes to make and gives more freedom to switch to alter-ego when you want to switch, not just when you have the chance to switch. The only reason I didn't include them is because my playstyle preference isn't keen on statuses and I wanted to avoid the RNG of Ronan getting his hammer back immediately.

Thank you for the feedback! Lmk what villains you end up fighting!

Oct 04, 2023 FunkysteveCLS · 1

i can never beat ronan but am able to using your deck thank you

Oct 05, 2023 lkmyst · 14

Expert Venom Goblin turned out to be harder than Ronan for the deck (or at least the way I played it).

After losing several times, I replaced Under Surveillance, Coulson, Spycraft, & OWoA with 3 Crisis Averted & 2 Overwatch (kinda cool how both cards have Spidey on the artwork), & finally won.

Looking forward to your future playthrough video against VG!

Oct 08, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 8214


Oct 08, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 8214

@lkmyst Hey man! I just realized who you are from the MC subreddit!

Awesome feedback. This deck is definitely fine tuned to my control playstyle with very few events, so I’m loving how you put your own flair on it and made tweaks to fit how you wanted to play against certain villains (the Spider theme on Overwatch and Crisis Averted are very cool).

I’m itching more than ever to get Sinister Motives and try out that Venom Goblin. And I’m ecstatic to have a brother in arms taking on every scenario with Spidey haha

Oct 08, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 8214

@FunkysteveCLSCongrats! That’s an awesome feeling. Super happy hearing this deck worked for you.

Nov 09, 2023 Sluggie · 4

If you are planning on using ally SP//Dr with a WebWarrior main, you should be using both Team-Building Exercise & Web of Life and Destiny for the economy. That way SP//Dr becomes an Thw2/Atk1 EVERY turn (after the 1st) for the ongoing cost of "Cycle 1 card" (draw 1, spend 1). If you are running Warrior of the Great Web, it'll also give your main +1 Att EVERY turn. She'll effectively occupy an ally slot permanently, but that should be fine for the return output.

Nov 09, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 8214

@Sluggie Thanks for the input! I've tried playing with Team-Building Exercise quite often and found that it doesn't synergize too well with Peter and this deck. I only have 6 targets for TBE in this deck and half of them don't utilize it fully (Avenger's Mansion & Quincarrier is only played once and stays on the field while Moon Girl wants to be paid with the full 3 mental resources to draw 3 cards). So although TBE is 1 cost lower than Helicarrier, it's way more limited especially early game (because Web-Warrior cards aren't set up yet) and early game is when the low cost would be most impactful. I love SP//dr but she has problems recurring herself against villains/minions that have retaliate so investing TBE just for her wouldn't be worth it imo. I also find that if we do want to have SP//dr occupy an ally slot permanently, this deck has no problem with resource management late game often having 10+ cards in hand and we can always use Quincarrier to fill in the combo with the Web of Life and Destiny to play her every turn. TBE is a really cool card though!

Nov 10, 2023 owl123 · 13

In fact, I don't see the need for high cost decks like Avengers Mansion in solo, and with a 3 cost Beat Cop I wouldn't recommend bringing it. I prefer to bring low cost resolving events like Clear the Area, which gives me more flexibility in my matchups. In addition, if I'm looking for a burst of damage in one turn, I usually bring Ingenuity and Deft Focus to provide resources in the late game. Either way this deck is really interesting, I'm just offering some of my personal thoughts, thanks!

Nov 10, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 8214

@owl123 That’s okay! Everyone has their preferences. This deck goes for “an ultimate build.” That’s why we want to get down the more expensive cards because they are permanent and give more versatility (drawing a card from Mansion is always good, wild resource from Quincarrier can fulfill every resource requirement, and Beat Cops can remove any combination of threat). Clear the Area/Ingenuity/Deft Focus are amazing low cost high tempo cards, but they all have restrictions for their full effects (must be the last threat to draw with CtA, Ingenuity only generates mentals, Deft Focus only generates for superpowers). In my experience, the high cost cards work best against the tougher villains like Ronan/Venom Goblin/Magneto and I would agree with you that it’s overkill in solo against easier scenarios, but I generally just won’t build all the way out if it’s not needed. The cards you mentioned are great, they just don’t fit how this deck wants to play. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

I actually just posted an analysis 2 days ago that goes more into our discussion of why this deck wants high cost cards: youtu.be

Jan 15, 2024 tunicv · 296

Rules Question:

With Web of Life and Destiny do you still draw a card when SP//dr the ally goes back into your hand after being defeated from consequential damage?

Jan 15, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 8214

@tunic2011 Hey Tunic! Yes, you still draw a card when SP//dr ally returns to your hand. Web of Life and Destiny is one of the strongest trait supports in the game because it triggers when any Web-Warrior ally leaves play and doesn’t need to exhaust!

Jan 29, 2024 MrSelfDestruct · 8

Finally took this deck for a spin after just buying the Hulk pack (mostly for Beat Cop, let's be honest). Destroyed Ultron, what a fun deck. So much card draw! I added in Specialized Training (just because that's just about an auto-include these days, especially in Justice decks)

Feb 01, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 8214

@MrSelfDestruct Nice!!! So cool you finally got a chance to try my favorite deck :)

Peter's economy goes even more crazy with Specialized Training, that's a great inclusion. I'm thinking the thwart upgrade? But honestly the attack upgrade might be perfect getting Peter up to 6 attack with the Warrior of the Great Web.

Feb 02, 2024 andyr · 3852

I absolutely love this deck. I also could t resist putting your reputation right on 4000, for what little time it’ll stay on that number :)

Feb 03, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 8214

@andyr Thanks hahaha. I appreciate you, Andy!