Spider-Man City Wide Help

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Bri-Die · 81

Ghost-Spider and Hobie Brown are house ruled into this deck considering Spider-Man isn’t technically a Web Warrior. To stay within the rules there are other allies who have their base power levels you can swap.

This deck I built in response to losing to Sinister Six. It is designed for dealing with multiple schemes while minimizing damage. Took it against Venom Goblin after successfully thwarting the Sinister Six, and was able to defeat Venom Goblin on my first attempt. I’m sure a lot of that was luck, but I’ll pretend it was the deck.

Reposting because I accidentally had 3 Foiled instead of 2 Foiled and 1 Under Surveillance.


Mar 24, 2023 Stretch · 374

Fond of house rules myself as long as it is thematic! Love seeing Beat Cop in decks too. Awesome sauce.