RnG (Rogue ‘n Groot Team Up)

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Mikepelf · 675

I am Groot

He says he met a nice lady the other day who touched him and turned her arm into a tree and punched a magnet guy.

The premise

Team up with Rogue!!!! Feed Rogue a Martial Prowess, confuse the villain and help maintain threat with Professor X and Psylocke, and GROW THEM COUNTERS!!!

Groot really is a great partner for Rogue. Both "I am Groot" and "I. AM. GROOT!" are exceptional targets for Superpower Adaptation and can really help control the game's threat or rush down most villains if needed. Most importantly it gives Rogue more options! The aggression aspect is also great because it lets Groot more easily confuse the villain, and get a resource generator to Rogue in Martial Prowess to be able to more easily afford/pull off those huge damage turns. That's not to say Groot doesn't contribute either, nay. There are plenty of ways in this deck for Groot to dish out the pain or help control threat. End game you can just do massive amounts of damage between the two.

Perhaps the oddest card in this deck is Enhanced Reflexes, but the reason is to more easily hit Sunfire's kicker. I was looking for more energy resources and this was pulling double duty as a 25th card. If you find yourself not playing or struggling against attachments then you can make some adjustments there. I just found attachements were rough for these two and Sunfire and Vivian help a lot.

The trickiest part about playing the two together is lining up the decks so that Rogue isn't reaching the bottom of her deck with two Superpower Adaptation and Groot just decked. Just something you will want to be mindful of as you play. I played Rogue in Justice for which you can find a link to it below:

Rogue Team Up Deck