SCL S13 R4 Miles Leadership

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The goal for SCL S13R4 was to get out a minion with high attack early and have them exhaust each turn to control the sand counters. Wonder Man for example was great at this. Moon Girl was also great for this since I could reliably draw two or three cards from her, giving me a 2-powered ally for cheap. I had one of these two allies on my first turn in all three games. Inspired was included to buff up ally attack to remove sand counters asap, but it was only used in my practice games. Gentle was also meant to serve this purpose, but I didn't draw him early enough.

Then Spider-Man was the MVP of the round. Between Rapid Response, Make the Call, and Across the Spider-Verse, I could reliably keep him in play to give Miles extra activations. It honestly felt too strong.

Beyond that, combinations of Venom Blast and Spider Camouflage ensured Sandman rarely activated against me. I believe I took three total attacks and maybe two scheme activations across all three matches.

Got pretty lucky with my rounds- avoided most of the Sinister Six. Only saw the expert cards as boosts or discarded by surging sands. Ended with completely clear boards in six turns all three games, with 13/11/13 hp on board in the respective rounds