NOVA's Green Energy Forcefields

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ToneeTales · 4969

Hello Champions

The idea of this deck is built around NOVA protecting himself without ever needing to exhaust to defend, but also maximizing the two wild resources you generate from his helmet each turn (once during the villain phase and once during the hero phase). It also leans into a theme of reflecting damage directed at NOVA back at his enemies where most of the reflected damage can be assigned to any enemy.


Sidestep to prevent damage and ping damage back

Jump flip to prevent damage and removed threat

Forcefield projection to prevent damage and take out minions or push damage on the villain


Tackle Pushes damage on the villain and stuns them

Ever Vigilant Removes threat from the main scheme and ready our character which will also generate a resource through the helmet

Go For Champions Allows Nova and friends to be invincible for one round

Energy barriers these are the glue of the build and feel very thematic for NOVA. In addition to the Damage prevention cards, energy barrier can get NOVA up to 5-6 damage prevention per villain attack but he also is dealing damage back that can be assigned any enemy on the battlefield. His helmet and Power of protection allow you to get all 3 to the table quite easily.


Brother Voodoo Is great for Nova is general because it allows you to fish for your signature ATK/THW events

Ironheart Card cycling is huge for event centric characters like NOVA

Jocosta Provides thwarting but holds onto a defensive event for greater consistency or double attack insurance

Moon Girl Card cycling for setup/combos and great stats

Pinpoint allows you to cycle those energy barriers back into your deck


Unflappable: Not super synergistic with this build, but because NOVA has great resource generation, sometimes you just need to play something. Once you are built up, this can provide decent card draw which can help you push the advantage in the mid-late game.

Deft Focus: to pay for Unleashing the NOVA force and retaining all your options

Champions mobile: This helps NOVA with his event dependency, it also allows you to include less copies of certain cards while still seeing them with decent frequency

Plan B: NOVA and Protection often run into an issue of having leftover cards, this allows him to trade that for damage

*AGAINST STEADY OR STALWART VILLAINS You can trade out the tackles for an extra copy of jump flip and ever vigilant


May 23, 2022 Siris101 · 18

Wow you've been busy, 3 top decks on Nova? I tried your red deck. It slaps

May 24, 2022 dr00 · 37985

we have quite similar lists! Nova is so fun in green

May 24, 2022 ToneeTales · 4969

@dr00 haha awesome. The first Red and Yellow decks I built for NOVA are actually similar concepts to what you built as well.

May 24, 2022 wehehe · 129

What about What Doesn't Kill Me? I think Nova could use that extra readying for more uses of his helm. Habe you tried it?

May 24, 2022 ToneeTales · 4969

@wehehe The 2 healing requirements on What Doesn't Kill me might be hard to come by in this deck where after you've gotten a few energy barriers out I'm rarely taking any damage. In order to tap into the power of "What Doesn't Kill me" you'd want to play into a strategy where you allow yourself to take damage (using your health pool to indirectly gain resource advantage), which this build is trying not to take damage to remain flexible and never need to make choices influenced by having low health.

Ever Vigilant serves a similar function to What Doesn't Kill me, in that it readies NOVA but accomplishes threat removal is a weakness of protection in general. I don't think NOVA needs more resources (there's always diminishing returns with resource generators in general but more so with NOVA because he has to pay for cards independently, meaning a third use requires a third card to play. The exception being the Big Unleashing the NOVA force turns.

If you want more hero readies I suggest just adding a few more copies of Ever Vigilant. Or if you want to play into a strategy of taking damage and healing it with "what doesn't kill me", I'd take out the tackles and swap them in.

May 25, 2022 wehehe · 129

Well, precisely the Energy barriers are easy to control, you are not forced to use them if you don't want to. Anyway, I get your point.

Also, someway I thought you were playing three copies of Ever Vigilant. Sure if the deck need more readying effects, is easiest to increase the copies of it...

Thanks for your comments and for sharing the deck, I'll give it a try to your build !

May 26, 2022 Saan · 3473

I've found with Nova I was almost never using Deft Focus because I was prioritizing playing his in-kit events with wild resources, making them cost 1 anyhow. I suppose it might still be good to play in order to use that free wild resource elsewhere, but I guess I'm not sure if it's worth including over the next best card. Obviously you've made the choice to include it, so I'm curious as to your thoughts!

May 26, 2022 ToneeTales · 4969

@Saan I use deft focus exclusively for Unleashing the Nova Force. It allows you to pay for it while retaining all your options to ensure you can maximize those big turns. Yes you are only getting to use deft focus like twice a game, but I find in paying forward those resources aren’t setting you back anything in the initial investment and feel impactful when they are returned.