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rayvern · 7

Heavily Upgrade/Support focus (slow for Solo) Fixed Basic cards (upgrades/support) in order to clear them early. Running 7/7/7/7/6 in order to maximise the number of Aspect Cards vs Kit cards being drawn after all the upgrades hit the table.

Priorities are: Sorc Supreme, Mystic Senses, Yondu, Soul World. Then round out the remaining upgrades over time, while making sure to use Battle Mage early in each turn (though after exhausting once Cape is in play :) ). Lean heavily into the discarders any time Soul World is tokenless - otherwise play what you need.

End State in flight cards: 4 Justice, 4 Aggression, 3 Protection, 5 Leadership, 3 Basic, and 8 Kit - 16 vs 11.

Keep Widow & Yondu in play. Widow will keep the Past Shadows off your back while Yondu will be hitting for 6 ranged, piercing and overkill per turn - handling minions first, then the Villian. The remainder should drop in and swallow hits, with Coulson rolling around (or be in the discard) often enough to seek Spycraft or Defensive Stance.