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This Gamora deck is lit! I might be a bit late to the Gamora-party but I’d like to share this deck anyway, since I’ve head such great success with it. The deck has been refined a lot and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

The idea

Make up for Gamora’s poor survivability and card draw with crazy villain control and, well you guessed it, card draw. At the same time, this deck abuses Gamora’s strength by having a bunch of attack events, 15 to be precise. It all comes together into a crazy synergy fiesta.

The strategy

The aim of the game is to get your resource engine going asap, and this is what you mulligan for, namely Martial Prowess and Keen Instincts. However, the cool thing with Gamora is that she is pretty much ready from the get-go, and this deck is no exception; you can stun, confuse and chump block with allies right away. Once you get your engine going the real fun starts. Combine this with Gamora's Sword and you will dish out loads of damage.

Noteworthy cards

Drop Kick is the real MVP of this deck, and it is pretty much “free” once the resource engine is up. Concussive Blow is there to give you some briefing room in alter ego, and allow you to get some crazy card draw with Hall of Heroes, AE-action and Conditioning Room. Press the Advantage is another great way to draw cards. It's actually pretty insane when you think of it; 3 damage (with the sword), 1 card draw and 1 thwart for the cost of 1. Both Spider-Girl and Mockingbird help you reap the benefits of this card as well.

Plan of Attack might seem a bit odd at first glance, but it works really well in this deck. 15/40 cards are attack events so you will likely hit something, and it also helps you rush through the deck faster to find the oh so desirable resource generators.


Well, as previously mentioned, I've refined the deck a lot. You could switch 1 Plan of Attack for Helicarrier, but I've found the Helicarrier to simply be too expensive and slow for this deck. I guess it's more beneficial in a multiplayer environment.

You could also switch Down Time for Endurance if that suits your play style better. In my opinion it's a great addition since it's a cheap upgrade that you can discard vs some treachery cards, and you will preferably only switch to AE with 3+ counters on Hall of Heroes, so one big chunky heal for one exhaust is perfect.

I know that a lot of people prefer Clobber, and you could for sure change Press the Advantage for it. However I've found Clobber to not only be slower than Press the Advantage but also more situational. You will almost always have crowd control going.

Hall of Heroes could be switched for one Hand Cannon if that's your jam.