What If Someone Does Something Irksome - v2 - a Drax deck

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What If Someone Does Something Irksome - Multiplayer Drax P 1 1 0 1.0
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Scorpion0x17 · 211

This is v2.0 of https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/12539/what-if-someone-does-something-irksome-multiplayer-drax-p-1.0

The following changes were made to the deck:

−1 First Aid −2 Leading Blow −2 Shake it Off −1 Side Step -1 Med Team −2 Energy Barrier −1 Nerves of Steel +2 Bait and Switch +2 Get Behind Me! +1 C.I.T.T.

The goal of these changes was to refocus the deck on taking additional attacks from the villain, to build vengeance counters or draw cards, and simply tank the damage, then utilise Mantis and C.I.T.T. to heal back up.

I also thinned the deck down from 45 to 40 cards, in the process.


Oct 15, 2021 josvermeulen · 4

Looks good. Which villains have you been tackling with this deck (on which difficulty)?

Oct 15, 2021 Scorpion0x17 · 211

@josvermeulen: it was put together to take on Collector 2 as part a 4-player run through the Standard GMW campaign on Standard difficulty.