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Gambit #13.
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This is not a card that I expected to like, nor is it my go-to choice to play when I see it in a hand, but it has subtly gone a long way towards winning certain games. Just based on my experience with the Gambit pre-con deck alone it subtly and consistently assists with cards like Creole Charmer that want to clear off a scheme reliably to get their actual useful effect. I find being left a single point of threat short when thwarting with cards like Clear the Area can be surprisingly and frustratingly common, and it may be worth dropping a copy or two of this card in if your deck's game plan revolves around that play style just as insurance. I don't love this card, but it has managed to stay out of my card box and in a deck compared to the cards I expected to love but dropped immediately.

Láthspell · 6
Solid point. Wolverine also has a couple cards that trigger off removing all threat and having 1 left over point can be pretty maddening. — Jreilly89 · 15

Anyone know if this works like shrink/embiggen so multitasking would do 3 from 2 schemes?

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Bushidough · 2
Yes, you've got it right — Stretch22 · 522