Costo: 1.

Play only if your identity has the X-MEN trait.

Hero Action (attack): Exhaust your hero and any number of X-MEN allies → deal X damage among enemies in play, where X is the total ATK of the characters you exhausted this way.

Mutant Genesis #45.
Team Strike

You missed that you can distribute the damage like you want. Thats sometimes really good! But the rest seems true, yes. And it ignores retaliate for many but one instances. Also it can handle many tough status cards if this gets piering through wolverines claws. I think there really is a niche for this card. But my question is,can you use the allys of other players?

Therata · 2
The role is that you cannot use cards outside of your control to pay costs unless there is a specifically stated exception. Exhausting X-Men allies is part of the cost of this card, therefore those allies must be under your control. — fullur · 1

This is a card I had to play before I reviewed it because it requires a specific deckbuild and play strategy to reach it's full potential. I am sad to report that I was not impressed. Compared to Mass Attack, Team Strike costs two fewer resources but requires you exhaust your that a one resource discount. The problem with both cards, is they're not letting you do something you couldn't have already done - attack with your allies. So the benefit is "healing" your allies from the consequential damage they would have taken to activate normally. The right comparison is not to other 1-cost attacks like Surprise Attack, but to heal effects like First Aid (or really, United We Stand, but that's only for Avengers). Naturally, the most "healing" can be done on 2-consequential damage attackers like Wolverine, Colossus, and Rockslide. You need one of them plus a second ally out for Team Strike to be better than First Aid. In the end, I decided it was too much setup for not even that impactful of an effect. I hope somebody can prove me wrong and put it to use in a challenging scenario, but for now, I will view it as a fun achievement to unlock in a lighter game.

Stretch22 · 266
It is one cost, but if you’re already planning a full on attack round, this card makes it happen without dealing consequential damage, so you can attack with everyone at once and deal the damage as you choose among all enemies in play. It is really quite a benefit, especially to a cyclops aggro ally deck. — Amarethus · 247
Getting to divide the damage how you want, and dodging Retaliate, are other benefits. And there's also everyone's favorite binder fodder, Enraged. — Fry · 173
Obviously there are benefits, but in my experience the juice was not worth the squeeze. If you've had personal success with it though I'd love to hear about it — Stretch22 · 266
This card predominantly shines in multi-power, specifically at a high player count. Just use this card in a storm aggression deck yesterday in a four-player game, where most of the other players were engaged with minions. There were a total of six on the board, each of them had a tough status. One Fell Swoop with storm and her X-Men allies cleared all six tough status cards because of the singular card. Write setting, it's a fantastic card ... — bmay511 · 214
^^^ *shines in multiplayer, and *because of this singular card. Also, *In the right setting — bmay511 · 214
The big power of this as well as it's Justice counterpart Mutant Peacekeepers is the ability to split damage/thwart. I predominantly play 4player, but our first villain we played using the X-Men was Ultron, a minion heavy fight. Giving an aggression deck a cheap way to distribute their even just their own 5+ attack to wipe the field clear was very nice — szrlm · 3
I found a good slot for it with Colossus' deck. He has 2 GOOD "team up" events (Shadowcat & Wolvie). So, with wanting them (allies) both to be hanging around to play the TU events each time I got them. Since Colossus "can" tank his own damage (I know he has other VERY GOOD uses for tough status'), there is potential they can stick around. Buff them a little (since they are not planning on dying) and wammo, they have uses that don't kill themselves. — Sluggie · 1