Costo: 3.
Punti Ferita: 3.
Attack: X. Thwart: X.

X è pari al numero di carte a faccia in giù assegnate a Spider-Man Noir.

Risposta: Dopo che hai risolto un'insidia, se controlli altre carte Web-Warrior, assegna quell'insidia a faccia in giù a quetsa carta (fino a un massimo di 3).

SP//dr #15.
Spider-Man Noir

"Sometimes I let matches burn down to my fingertips just to feel something, anything."

Noir is basically a 3/3 3-health ally on a delay. In my opinion, you go through the encounter deck too slowly for there to be any value in hiding specific treacheries under him. If you can afford to wait a few turns though, Noir is legitimately one of the best thwarting options in Protection, and a good ally all-around. There are quite a lot of treacheries in every game (all the Standard + Expert cards), many have surge, and scenarios often find ways to deal you extra encounter cards, so it has usually only taken me 2 or 3 villain phases to get up to 3/3. Don't forget that Protection also has the ally-engine Med Team, which is insane value with a fully-statted Noir. As good as Noir is, it can still be tough to compete for ally slots in Champions in 2022, so I would say include Noir if you are in the Web of Life and Destiny archetype and at least give him consideration with any Web-Warrior hero.

Stretch22 · 348
Note that it only triggers when "you" resolve a treachery, so while possible, it shouldn't be often that Noir fully powers up in a mere two villain phases. Agreed that he's an outstanding target for healing, and he's still very good even if you have to "give up" and start using him at 2. Aside from Web-Warriors, he's also pretty good for Star Lord, who naturally takes more encounter cards (and thus, is more likely to resolve treacheries faster). — Fry · 190
With med team, as you said, you can get a lot out of this ally. I'd like to add that Return the favor can help you get to 3/3 faster. — neothechosen · 8829