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Azione Eroe: Scarta Protocollo di Espulsione → esaurisci ogni miglioria Interfaccia che controlli, regola il tuo indicatore dei punti ferita a 6, irrobustici la tua identità e assumi la sembianza di alter ego.

"Attenzione! Pericolo Imminente!"
SP//dr #8. SP//dr #12.
Protocollo di Espulsione

This is one of those very rare, very good cards that are bundled with heroes that rarely need them. While the idea of being able to get out of a tough situation for free may be tempting, SP//dr has more than enough resources to never let that happen, plus you can always flip back to Alter Ego yourself. The only situation in which this card's Action should be considered, is if you only have 1-3 HP left and already flipped from Alter Ego to Hero for some reason, making it extremely situational. Furthermore, since it forces you to exhaust Peni Parker, you can't even use her amazing recovery. Paired with the fact that SP//dr has an abysmal hand size, playing it over using it as a resource sounds a bit too excessive, and should only be played if it's the last card in the hand. If only it were a Hero Interrupt.