Costo: 3.

Riduci di X il costo per giocare Scansione del Settore, dove X รจ pari al numero di versione di Ironheart.

Azione Eroe: Fino alla fine del round, puoi guardare la carta in cima al mazzo degli incontri in qualsiasi momento.

Ironheart #8. Ironheart #9.
Scansione del Settore

This is that clutch card you play in those games where you're one turn away from victory, but aren't sure if you should hold on to that 'counterspell' or roll the dice and draw your full hand at the end of the turn.

Since Protection and Justice have so many 'counters' to boost and treachery cards, there is some real synergy here...but there's only one copy.

It seems clear that the intent of the card was for it to be a late-game play like I described. It costs a lot so has limited use in the early game, but that cost is mitigated by your hero being in later stage. By stage 3 Ironheart, this card is essentially free. Next, New and Improved doesn't grab from your discard, so any useful search for Sector Scan is probably going to happen on your second pass through the deck.

It does seem like an overcosted Spider-Woman ability, but when you have a late-game Ironheart-J with a Protection partner, this card could provide you with all the information you need to have a huge turn against the villain.

MacGhille · 194
Note that Sector Scan lasts until the end of the round, so you get a brief preview of every boost card and encounter card shortly before they're flipped. Handy for Protection decks running Defiance, Preemptive Strike, or the like. Also helps you decide whether to have Black Widow Ally cancel Player 1's encounter card, when you know what's been dealt to players 2-4 and what's still lurking on top of the deck. — Fry · 227