Amadeus Cho


Champion. Gamma.

Costo: 4.
Punti Ferita: 3.
Attack: 3. Thwart: 2.

Mentre รจ esaurito, Brawn ottiene: "Risorsa": Genera . (Limite di una volta per fase.)"

"No, non sono Banner. Sono meglio di Banner"
Ironheart #4. Ironheart #1.

This dude is a top-tier mandatory ally in the current meta. He's a Champion, which allows a bunch of other cards to be deployed, and his basic THW and ATK are some of the best in the game for mandatory allies. But the fact that he generates a science resource once per Phase (not Round!) means he is probably about to get a deck built around him. Particularly considering how meaningful science resources have been in this cycle.

Someone is going to exploit the heck out of this guy very soon.

MacGhille · 215
It's fairly tricky to exhaust Brawn during the villain phase, so that's mostly a meaningless distinction at the moment. It'd be pretty baller if you could consistently use him to pay for events during the villain phase, though. — Fry · 233
There are some scenarios with encounter cards that can keep an ally exhausted indefinitely. You can also exhaust him to defend during the villain phase, though you will need to keep giving him tough cards if you want him to survive that. — OrionJA · 8