Costo: 1.

Interruzione Eroe: Quando viene rivelata una carta insidia dal mazzo degli incontri, annulla i suoi effetti "Quando Rivelata". Invece, il criminale ti attacca.

"Ahem! Fatevi da parte, cittadini!" -- Ms. Marvel
Vision #20.
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This is one of a handful of cards that I absolutely love to death, because I consider them custom-built to deal with 'Shadows of the Past'.

That treachery card does so many bad things that I really feel it behooves every player to have a plan in place to counter it when possible.

Unfortunately, this is the main card available to counter a treachery. Sure there are a few heroes (Widow, Scarlet, Parker Spider-Man, Ghost-Spider, Spider-Ham) that have hero specific cards to handle a treachery reveal. But if you aren't playing one of those heroes, you really only have this card to save your butt from Shadows of the past.

Sure, you can get lucky and Shadows will be a boost card...but that's really rolling the dice.

All said, I would rather have the villain attack me again, rather than unleash some of these nemesis villains and side schemes.

MacGhille · 181
This is one of those cards that I really, really want to like, but don't The Villain attacking you is usually worse than most of the treacheries that you face, unless you specifically build to negate extra attacks. The timing here is rough as well, as you have likely already defended against the Villain's activation, leaving you looking for extra ways to soak the attack. — Judicator82 · 95
You make excellent points. The only thing I would point out is that this card can be executed when you want, giving you a some control over how it affects you. And I would much rather take damage than introduce an additional hardship that is going to deal damage and be an extra level of nuisance. — MacGhille · 181