Difesa. Superpotere.

Costo: 1.

Gioca solo se Visione è nella sembianza di massa Tangibile.

Interruzione Eroe (difesa): Quando Visione difende, previeni tutti i danni di quell'attacco. Dopo che quell'attacco è stato risolto, stordisci il nemico attaccante.

Miguel Sepulveda
Vision #12. Vision #16.
Addensamento della Massa

Possibly one of the greatest defensive cards in Champions.

Just outright prevents any and all damage. There are precisely 6 heroes at this time (July 2022) that have a card or cards that can prevent all damage, but none of them also stun the attacker. (Backflip: Spider-Man, Bad Boy: Star-Lord, Shield Block: Captain America, Mockingbird: Hawkeye, Cartoon Physics: Spider-Ham, Mass Increase: Vision)

Six out of 33 makes it clear just how powerful this card is. But itdoes require a an additional cost: Vision being in Mass form. And there's only one, whereas Cap and the two Spiders each have two copies of theirs.

Ultimately Backflip may come out on top, but that means we're debating whether Mass Increase is better than the defensive card that is still -after several years- the best defensive card in the game. That is some rarified atmosphere. I just wish I had any reason to play Vision.

MacGhille · 190
Also, Mass Increase requires Vision to defend (either exhausting for basic defense or playing another defense event) before you can play it, which is not a problem for Backflip and Shield Block — OrionJA · 8
You are forgetting Grasping Tendrils: Venom, which proactively prevents all damage and also stuns. While it is slightly harder to play, it doesn't require you to exhaust yourself or play a separate Defense event (which Mass Increase does). (arguably you can also count Webbed Up: Spider Man as a prevent damage and stun) — Death by Chocolate · 4
Both excellent points. Can't believe I forgot Grasping Tendrils. In my defense though, I was looking at preventing damage rather than preventing attacks, which is why I didn't count Webbed up or Pheromones either. Tendrils is closer to a backflip though, so you are correct. — MacGhille · 190
You can now add Rogue's Bulletproof Belle to that list -- prevent all damage and become Tough is about the same level of utility. — MightySchoop · 22