EntitĂ  Cosmica.

Costo: 2.

Azione: Mescola questa carta nel mazzo degli incontri (senza guardare).

Quando Rivelata: Rimuovi 2 minacce dalla trama principale e rimuovi dal gioco questa carta. Questo effetto non può essere annullato.

L'Ombra del Titano Folle #48.
Tribunale Vivente

Can it work if there is a crisis icon on a side scheme in play ? Or an enemy with the patrol keyword ?
I'm not sure if it's part of "this effect cannot be canceled". And if it's not, currently what could otherwise cancel the threat removal without the text on the card ?

AlexandreP · 31
I believe the Crisis icon only prevents "thwarting" the main scheme, not "removing threat from it". — OrionJA · 8
Crisis icons prevent 'removing threat from the main scheme' and, I believe, would prevent this from removing threat. The Patrol keyword, on the other hand, prevents "thwarting the main scheme" and would not interfere with this. I believe the "Cannot be cancelled" is there in case something like Cosmic Ward is in play. This isn't a treachery, so Cosmic Ward doesn't actually interact with it anyways, but players might miss that distinction. Other cards might exist in the future that cancel the effects of event cards being played, which this would be immune from. Currently, you could cancel the effects of encounter cards via Black Widow ally, but you'd obviously not trigger her ability. — AradonT · 23
"This effect cannot be canceled." is there because "remove this card from the game." — vidinufi · 1