Attacco. Intervento.

Costo: 3.

Azione Eroe (attacco/intervento): Infliggi 2 danni a un nemico. Rimuovi 2 minacce da una trama.

"Sai, Lady Gamora, giĆ  quando ci incontrammo per la prima volta, mentre ti pestavo a sangue, pensavo tra me e me: 'Eppure io e lei potremmo essere amiche" - Angela
Gamora #20.
Mordi e Fuggi

Not a review per se but my cards show a cost of 3 rather than 2.

I need to put 200 words for this review sadly, but perhaps the masters behind this site can see it and make the change (then delete this).

Is this 200 words long now?

Oakwolf · 13
you're actually right. Deserves a like! — neothechosen · 8138
Good catch. I was looking at this entry and was like "I don't remember being as impressed with a 2 attack/2 thwart/2 cost card when I was thumbing through her deck...". 3 cost makes more sense for a Basic Event. — Bastionfour · 2
Yes its cost 3. I was starting to include it in more decks than expected I was like dang this is an awesome basic. But yea at 3 it makes more sense, useful but definitely not auto include. — jrec15 · 146
With Gamora's hero ability, wouldn't this effectively be 3 damage + remove 3 threat from a scheme? — BrigBriz · 1
And a 4/4 with Ms. Marvel if she uses shrink @ embiggen. Plus bounce back to repeat next round. — AgentPhil · 1

One of the strongest/most efficient things you can do with Ms. Marvel is utilize Shrink and Embiggen every turn, and this card really helps to fill in the gaps, for instance smoothing between plays of Clear the Area and Turn the Tide. It's also great for clearing a status card while performing another action.

Bbyowll · 29
Just make sure you do your "other action" first, because Stun/Confuse will cancel your entire Hit and Run. — Fry · 173
I don't see that — Bbyowll · 29