Costo: 1.

Il tuo eroe riceve + 1 ATT. I tuoi attacchi base ottengono Perforante. (Scarta ogni carta status Robusto dal bersaglio prima di infliggere danni.)

Risposta Obbligata: Dopo che hai effettuato un attacco base, scarta Forza Bruta.

Quicksilver #29.
Forza Bruta

It is obvious from the art that this card was made specially for Hulk. Besides Hulk being stunned, Tough enemies is his biggest weakness. It is super depressing for the villain to get Tough just when you draw into a Hulk Smash. Thanks to Brute Force that problem is somewhat alleviated.

gustave154 · 21
That doesn't make much sense to me. Because of the forced response, this card will surely only be useful to heroes like Ms Marvel who rarely make basic attacks and can therefore keep the upgrade in play until it is needed. — adsarf · 359
Agreed! I used to include Piercing strike for such an occasion... I'd say Brute Force is somewhat limited because of the forced response... I'd like an upgrade that gives you some control over the moment you use it, or a permanent piercing upgrade! — neothechosen · 10156
I will add that this card also has some synergy with crushing blow. Crushing blow deals damage equal to your attack so will benefit from the attack buff but it isn't a basic attack so it won't cause it to be discarded. I think hulk is definitely a good hero to use this with, though I'm not convinced it's good enough even with this synergy. — L3w15 7 · 10749
@adsarf, I think it works out reasonably well either way. If you play it as Hulk you control the timing, so you have at least 2 turns for a tough card to come up before you have to "waste" the Brute Force. Meanwhile if you play it on someone like Ms Marvel, you're kind of wasting an exhaust when you do go to cash this in. — OrionJA · 8
Pair this card with Quick Strike. You get the bonus without losing Brute Force. Add 3 Brute Force cards for even more damage. — cbjuland · 8
I don't see why Quick Strike would give you a bonus. It's not a basic attack, it just attacks with a value equal to your basic attack, so no piercing. — Martymaus · 184
Cbjuland is referring to the +1ATK you get for your basic you get three Brute Force cards on your board, your basic ATK goes up to 6 when you play Quickstrike... — Podbreaker · 4