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Risposta Eroe: Dopo che hai cambiato sembianza, il tuo eroe riceve +1 INT, +1 ATT e +1 DIF fino alla fine del round.

"Se ti metti contro uno di noi, ti metti contro tutti noi! Anche se sono l'ultimo." - Nova
Ant-Man #16.

Fairly situational for heroes that don't have extra forms to switch to, and for the heroes that DO have extra forms, it's usually low-impact (as those usually aren't the heroes that get lots of extra readies to take advantage of a stat boost). I prefer my situational cards to be high-impact, so I'm rewarded on the occasions when the card isn't being discarded as a resource.

May have some value in a R&D Facility / Go All Out style deck, as it provides resources for R&D's requirement while also giving a hefty (if temporary) stat boost to power up Go All Out. OK for heroes that ready frequently (Quicksilver, Ghost-Spider) if you're playing them in Leadership, just maybe don't play a full three copies so they don't clunk up your hand at a bad time.

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