Preparativi. Tattica.

Costo: 2.

Massimo 1 per giocatore.

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Vedova Nera #32.
Postazione Difensiva

This card isn't useless, but it really is quite mediocre. Spending three effective resources to prevent three damage is not an efficient use of resources, and Endurance generally does the same thing as this card and more cheaply. However, it does have value in certain decks. In particular, since it cancels the damage outright it can potentially be useful in a Defend action deck that has a lot of effects which trigger when you defend and take no damage. It also can sometimes prevent villain from triggering effects from damaging the hero, and it can be played on top of Endurance if you are really desperate for the extra hit points (though you are unlikely to be desperate for the extra defense since you are, after all, a Protection hero). And although the card is overpriced, you can wait until you have a dead turn or a Power of Protection to help play it. So I've been known to use the card from time to time in certain decks, but even then, this is a card that is likely to be used as a resource most of the time.

cnalexander · 125
I would play every 2-cost ally before I play my first copy of this. Will need to see more preparation support before it becomes viable — Stretch22 · 540