Costo: 1.

Azione Alter Ego (intervento): Esaurisci Divisione Legale Superumana e spendi → rimuovi 2 minacce da una trama.

"Ti manderò il conto. Il mio tempo è prezioso, ultimamente." -- Jennifer Walters
Set Base #26. She-Hulk #11.
Divisione Legale Superumana

This card, along with Focused Rage, are the two must-have cards you want to see in your opening hand.

She-Hulk is constantly flipping to take advantage of her passive threat interruption, as well as loading up another 2 damage for her next flip. You'll likely flip once a turn, meaning if you drop SLD on turn 1, you have a powerful threat-mitigation ability that will pay dividends all game.

You can remain focused on damage most of the game and still contribute 2 threat removal a turn so long as you have to throw out. This means a few First Aid to either heal allies or feed to SLD in your deck isn't a bad idea.

Notable interaction with Hellcat's resource:

If you are playing Leadership yourself, or have a Leadership buddy with Get Ready available - install Hellcat - thwart 2 - Get Ready - thwart 2 - bounce to hand - use her resource and send her to work some caseload. That's 6 thwart on a turn you could still activate twice.

The price is perfect, its limitations are easy enough to plan around, and it'll provide balanced momentum all game long.

Mulligan hard for it vs. Klaw or Ultron - or if you're playing with Madame Hydra or MODOK.

Voidrift · 93